What Is Your Favorite Season & Why ?


Feb 3, 2006
ALL of them have their plusses. I like the winter ( when I'm where its cold) because I LOVE layering, comfy sweaters, and cute coats.

howeverrrrrrr. I'm going to go with Summer. It's just so relaxed and fun. You can throw on mini skirts and flip flops~ paired with a fun tee or tank top and you're set. Summer offers an opportunity to be a little sloppy with style. It's time for Bumble&Bumble surf spray, brighter colors, and bikinis!

PLUS. Summer make-up is awesome. I get really tan, so I skip the cover-up, brush on a nude shimmer eye-shadow, add a little mascera and a bright lip gloss! fab.


Flat Broke
Dec 22, 2005
Summer.. I'm talking 95 degrees and up! Anything less and it's too cold to go to the beach. I love bathing suits, and buying coordinating cover-ups, big floppy hats, flip flops and big straw bags. I love sunglasses and listening to Miami Freestyle while driving to SoBe. You go home, take a quick shower and get dressed to go dancing with your beautiful sunkissed tan (always use sunblock!). Everyone is ready to party because they've relaxed on the beach all day! That's my life April - September, so right now I'm having a major case of cabin fever. :sad: