What is your favorite regular' leather for a black birkin?


What is your favorite leather for a black birkin and why?

  1. Epsom

  2. Fjord

  3. Togo

  4. Chevre Coromandel

  5. Chevre Mysore

  6. Celemence

  7. Box

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  1. Sorry to bother you all by my black birkin questions, but I want to draw of all your knowledge that is light years beyond mine!

    If there is a regular leather missing that you feel is your favorite one, just add that in a post. Also please post why that leather is your favorite for that specific bag.

  2. OTHER!

    Evergrain. It has the silky smoothness of swift, but it's scratch resistant and semi-matte. It has the sturdiness of Togo but without the weight. It has structure, but it's not stiff. It doesn't even blink when a touch of water gets on it (but I do wipe it off ASAP of course!).
  3. That's a great question!
    I was wondering that myself.
    I know everyone has their favorites, but it's still good to hear the reasons again.:smile:

    What's the difference between those to Chevre leathers??
    Is one better than the other or more common?
  4. Mai - boxcalf. It's the best, I like smooth grained leather and...well....I just love it. It makes for the perfect Hermes bag, in my opinion.
  5. I love boxcalf but for black also swift is great because the bags that I have seen in black swift are really, really black!
  6. My black Birkin is Gulliver (almost the same as Swift) and I LOVE it in this leather, smooth but not as formal as Box, and does not show scratches as easily as Box. I vote Swift.
  7. I voted for box, which is amazing, classic.

    But for everyday, Evergrain really is formidable! I have a Birkin in that leather and it shows off dark colours well. It's nice and tough too, a good workhorse!
  8. I guess I'm in the majority but it seems you can never go wrong with box...ever....
  9. Without a doubt...box calf. It's simply stunning!
  10. Another vote for boxcalf! That is my dream black Birkin...with GH :tender:
  11. boxcalf is great but chevre is just TDF for everyday!:heart:
  12. Box is beautiful but currently unavailable in birkins. VL is a great lightweight alternative!
  13. Depends on size for me--30 would be a stiffer leather and here I like box...for a 35, I like slouchy and would pick clemence.
  14. I like so many of them and all for different reasons.
  15. Why does everyone like box when it scratches so easily??