What is your favorite print? Least favorite?

  1. This has probably been done before, but let's do it again. ;)

    Which of the Tokidoki prints is your favorite and why, and which is your least favorite?

    It's really hard to choose one favorite because I really love a few, but I think I have to go with Paradiso - it's just so sweet with all the babies and I love the little pug. Having a baby and a pug myself just puts Paradiso over the top for me.

    My least favorite would probably be one of the Camos. I love all Tokidoki, but I just love those the least.
  2. Hmmm... This is a hard question to answer since I love so many... *thinking*.. Damnit this is like asking if you have 2 dogs, which one you love more... I cant answer it..
    I :heart: Foresta, Inferno, Paradiso, L'Amore, Tan Playground, Citta Rosa, Citta, Pirata, Black Cammo and :heart:Vacanze..:love:
    I like Spiaggia, Trasporto, Tutti, Arancia, and Adios Star...:cutesy:
    I dont feel anything for OP :shrugs:
    And I dislike :yucky: Famiglia and Olive Cammo....
  3. I loveee foresta and CR :p

    And... I guess I'm not such a huge fan of famiglia, tutti, and vacanze~
  4. Favorite if FORCED to choose : PARADISO
    least favorites : playgrounds...(camo and tan) and Adios star
  5. YES: Foresta, Olive Camo PG
    YUCK: Adios Star, Famiglia
  6. Lust/Love : L'AMore
    Like : Tan Playground, Citta Rosa
    No-No : Famiglia
  7. Fave: dunno... I have to stare at them to tell you ;) probably foresta + something else maybe?
    Least Fave: Famgilia

    on second thought I'm doing another sku thread
  8. I dont know about favorite but least favorite = black cammo
  9. I don't know what it's called but i don't like the one that came out right before tutti. It's light brown with brown dots and characters in sequence.
  10. famiglia
  11. My favorite is Inferno hands down. I am obsessed with my Inferno. I could stare at it for Hours.

    Least favorite is Tutti (I think its a waste of a print. I like color...I think thats what makes Toki for me...all the brightness) Familgia (again with the boring color...I do like the tiny characters in bubbles but thats about all) Tan PG (I love the girls...but not on this)
  12. Love citta rosa right now, and pirata cause well i like skulls and pirates... I seriously dislike transporto, both black and green camo, and vacanze.. i know im horrible right ?
  13. Fav: tie between Tutti & Paradiso
    Not So Fav: Inferno
  14. i have a citta rosa, i love citta rosas and the pirata prints the best.

    i HATE HATE the famiglia print. just sooo ugly.
  15. I love my CR best, L'Amore second. I hope I can get the foresta soon.

    My least favorite is black cammo.