What is your favorite part of your body?

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  1. What is your worst?
  2. My fave are my boobs and my legs

    My worse I think is my stomach I need to tone it up....I need to hit the gym again :yes:
  3. Fav: chin
    Least: abs
  4. favorite-legs
  5. Fave: Lips
    Hate: Stomach :sad:
  6. my favorite: my face, hair, legs

    least favorite: boobs, tummy
  7. Fave: small hands and wrists

    LEast fave: legs and love handles
  8. Fav: (OK this is going to sound so snotty!!) is my face

    Least fav: my stomach...no matter how hard I try, I will never have a 6 pack:sad:
  9. I think females with imperfections, not only makes us all different, but just adds to our beauty. Let's celebrate GIRL POWER! (sorry for being so cheesy)
  10. My brain.....(you'll understand why after you cross over to the great FIVE OH). :supacool:

    Least favorite: my feet. The little traitors won't let me wear stilettos any more. :crybaby:
  11. Favorite - Butt. It's big :supacool: And my shoulders.

    Least Favorite - Can I say I don't have one? :P I guess my knees. My legs are constantly dry, and my knees get dry and ashy so easily :yucky:
  12. I like my big booty too. :biggrin: Also, my eyes, they kind of change color with what I'm wearing.

    Least fave ... feet! They are huge and I hate feet in general. Also, my stomach, because that's where all my weight goes.
  13. i love my boobs- they are almost close to perfect. i hate my legs, because the are super short.
  14. I love my eyes. I love their color and I love how they're so expressive. For the longest time, I had no clue what color they were. (They looked greyish / greenish / hazelish). Once I dyed my hair mohogany, they immediately became green.

    I also love my back, and especially the small of it (if that makes sense). I had scoliosis, and I had to wear a backbrace the last two years of high school. The summer after my freshman year of college, I had a spinal fusion. (The doctor puts a metal rod and bone chips on my spine, making it 'think' it's broken, so it fuses with the other metal rod). They fused nine vertebrae, so I have a scar running down my back, which I wear like a badge of honor. It represents everything I went through.

    I got the tattoos on my hips to represent parts of me, which I never would have considered during college. Even after the surgery. Now, I'm proud to have them and I'm proud to show them off. Subconsciously, I believe that the tattoos were also my way of saying, "I got the spinal fusion because I HAD to. I got the tattoos because I WANTED to."

    I think the only things I don't like on my body are my arms and stomach. I wish they were more toned.
  15. my favorite body part has to be my bum :P and the least is my tummy. a little scared since the holidays are coming up but oh well, i'm not about to pass on some great tasting food!!! :happydance: