What is your favorite outlet store?

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  1. What is your favorite outlet store to shop at? What are some of your best deals you have gotten?
  2. I really like the Cole Haan store at Cabazon! They have awesome deals on their purses, especially during the holidays. I got one there that retailed for over $500 on sale for $135!! I don't remember the name of the style, but they had it in their ad campaign just one season before I bought it there.
  3. Coach
  4. The Etro outlet in Milan. I got a black leather bag for 180 Euros that was originally priced at around £550 in the UK. I have picked up some great deals on clothes and other bits there too. I got a red paisley shirt for 58 Euros that sold for 180 Euros originally, a small throw for 42 Euros that was 180 Euros to start with, a silk skirt for 160 Euros that was around 700 originally plus various silk scarves at 50% off. It's my first port of call in Milan!
  5. i loveee Nordstrom's rack!!! it is the best deal place ever. yesterday i was shopping and they had an L.A.M.B. bag that was originally $715 priced for $229. it has clothes, shoes, jewelry, home goods, and perfume too.
  6. Off Sak's is pretty decent though I haven't been to enough Neiman Last Calls or Nordstrom's Racks. Off Saks seems to be much more organized than the other 2 though. Barney's had some deals and love Le Creuset as well!
  7. coach, great deals on wrislets.
  8. Coach...
  9. Coach and Saks Off 5th
  10. Off Fifth.....love the coupons they send me for an extra incentive!
  11. The best outlet I've ever been to is the Juicy Couture Outlet in Wrentham, Massachusetts. Not for me, but for my daughter, we have purchased some beautiful bags and clothing as well. The store is clean and bright and looks like a regular boutique. The prices are great and nothing ever looks like its on its last leg. I am not a good outlet shopper for myself, I find it very overwhelming. The only outlet I would like to visit someday is a Mulberry Outlet. Sigh. . . . . .

  12. which lamb bag, the love collection?
  13. wescos77, it was the Love collection! not the cheetah yet...maybe in a few seasons??
  14. i like the coach outlet in woodbury commons.. it's huge!

    well, i guess not THAT huge, but is one of the biggest ones i've seen in ny/nj area...
  15. I am not a big fan of outlet stores because it seems, nowadays, they make clothes specifically for the outlet- factory stores. I do like the Banana Republic outlet though... much better than the actual store. I was turned on to it when I inquired about a cute top on one of my co-workers. I think an outlet should carry what didn't sell in the retail stores so my favorite is Neiman Marcus' Last Call. Depending on which one you go, they have a huge selection on handbags. I have bought three (though I am mad about one and you get read about it in one of my threads). Plus, I found a great pair of white Hudson jeans for $100 and Sydney Evan jewelry. Nordstrom Rack is pretty good but not in my area. The ones here are cluttered and the SAs are horrible. I was fortunate to find FOUR Gryson bags from the NR in Oregon and the girls were great.