What is your favorite nut butter/peanut butter/etc?

  1. Maranatha creamy pb w/ sea salt
  2. Community Foods crunchy almond butter.......oh so yummy. Their cashew butter is also good. Love macadamia nut butter as well!
  3. marks n spencers' peanut butter
  4. Kraft whipped
  5. I love nutella, but cashew butter comes in a very close second.
  6. I like regular peanut butter but that sunflower seed butter sounds like it would be good. I would like to try it. I love sunflower seeds.
  7. whole foods...
  8. I like Whole foods cashew butter, the kind where you grind your own. I love those because you can get a dab of one, a dab of another and not get bored. Or - since I have no self control - it keeps your good fat treat from turning into a massive high cal pig out.
  9. I used to love almond butter, but I'm allergic to almonds now. My favourite right now is the Whole Foods 365 brand chunky peanut butter-it's got nice chunks and you can't beat the price!
  10. I've been using the PB2 in Chocolate and it's pretty great!

    I put it on plain rice cakes or with a banana, post workout, and it's a great snack to keep me full until dinner.
  11. I like Trader Joe's Sunflower butter as it's not too sweet.

    I bought Justin's Honey Almond yesterday and can't stop eating it. Dangerous discovery, it is so good!
  12. Nutella
  13. TJ's raw almond butter!