What is your favorite Non-Black Spring/Summer Chanel Bag and Why?

  1. I am trying to decide what bag I want to buy for the Spring and would love to hear your opinions. I want something light colored (white, beige, or a color) and fairly versatile...

    I would actually LOVE to find a Blue Fonce but I'm not sure if that's a virtually impossible endeavor. How often do you think they come up on eBay?

    Thanks for your help!

  2. i love love love the reissue in white, its not pure white, its just a nice mix of white pearl and grey and beige! check it out! it might be your answer u r looking for.
  3. The blue fonce actually popped up about two weeks ago with a good BIN- it was an EW and it pained me to pass on it...

    I think a salmon luxury bowler would be such a cute summer bag! I have a white flap that I think I will carry to lunches and dinners during the summer.. but it is not really a day-to-day bag. I am also excited to bust out my denim airplane tote from cruise two (or was it three?) years ago.. it is still new with tags..
  4. I like denim bags for summer too! I have a denim luxury multipocket tote from 2006 that I love with little white sundresses and such. It gets really hot here, so non black and non leather is good on the really hot days.
  5. I have the white flap from the luxury line that I love. I also have the blue cotton club tote and think that's a good summer bag.
  6. I just bought a coral Walk of Fame and can't wait to use it with as many summer outfits as I can work it with!!:love::yahoo:
  7. White Baby Cabas. Fits all my things. Vey comfy!!:jammin:
  8. The blue Evening Star handbag in patent python which I saw on style.com or the Icons Flap bag.
  9. My pink caviar pst! I was originally going to get a black one, but I couldn't pass up such a pretty pink bag for the upcoming spring/summer seasons (this was in March of last year).