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What is your favorite Monogram bag?


Apr 1, 2009
The only regular Monogram bag I have is the BH and thinking of giving it to my sister because I bought it used and it's too worn for my taste.
It's a great work bag and I'm thinking of buying it again brand new from the store this time but I'm curious to know what others' favorite Monogram bag.
Reason that kept me from buying Monogram bags because of the Vachetta but I still want to have a Monogram in my closet.
Thanks for your suggestions like always!!!


LV=My Bliss
Dec 28, 2007
Oh Gosh! That's like asking me which of my children do I like the best!!! Impossible to answer. I love monogram, most of my bags are monogram, so I would have to say I love all my bags equally ( sounds ridiculous, right?) Actually, I usually love whichever one I'm carrying at the moment best.