What is your favorite Mono Canvas wallet?

  1. I'm in the market for one and need input. I usually carry a large wallet with a checkbook, but I don't have to, I could downsize if need be. I do have several credit cards that I carry.
    Thanks for your feedback!
  2. I used to carry a large wallet with a checkbook as well, but switched to the koala wallet about six months ago, and I love it! It has plenty of room for credit cards, highly recommend!:tup:
  3. i love my zippy and it sounds like the zippy might be great for you, too
  4. I LOVE my Zippy! It's the best - keeps me so organized!
  5. yur in the same boat as my mom.

    we (me and my dad) got her the zippy organizer (the reallyyy big zippy)

    she needs to either stop getting all those cards, or get a new wallet cause it looks like mr. zippy ate a house. LOL BHAHAHA
  6. I have the mono porte tresor international, which is very functional and pretty. The only thing I don't like is how it folds out into three - like opens and falls out long, if that makes sense. I also wish it had a zipper section for change instead of the huge pocket. I bought the Mono Zippy, which is an absolutely gorgeous, very functional wallet, but my now 22 year old daughter fell in love with it and I gave it to her (I get jealous every time I see her use it to tell you the truth - LOL!). I can't bring myself to spend the money right now because mine is in beautiful condition and it's a $500 wallet; however, if I were to buy one now, I would probably get the mono pochette wallet. It's gorgeous. Holds everything you need, has a zipper section for change, holds lots of credit cards, still looks pretty - like a clutch if you wanted to carry it alone (a little prettier on the outside than the Zippy).

    I did buy the mono Koala and frankly, if you're used to carrying a checkbook, or like long wallets, this one might drive you nuts. It did me. I don't like folding my money. I like it to go in straight and crisp and long. The Koala wallet, although really pretty, also gets really fat if you carry either a lot of cash or a lot of other things. It doesn't have a lot of extra room for receipts and things and I tend to carry a lot, so it didn't work for me. The one nice thing with my porte tresor international is that I use the big snapped coin section to carry lots and lots of receipts, cards, and other things, which is nice. It is also big enough to slide my checkbook and/or checkbook register in the bottom slot (although it does cover the credit cards then).

    I think wallets are one of the hardest things to pick because they are so expensive and it's just so hard to know what you will like. I so wanted to like the Koala, but I just couldn't adjust to a short, fat wallet, no matter how much I loved how it looked. I gave it to my 17 year old, who then promptly lost it and I had to buy another one!

    My 20 year old has the same one I have, the mono PTI, and likes it, but she wants the Azur in the pochette style (she also doesn't like much the way the mono PTI drops open so long and she says she worries about things falling out - so do I sometimes).

    Anyway - I hope this hasn't been too long - just trying to help. My choices in the best mono wallet would be (in order of preference):

    Mono Pochette
    Mono Zippy
    and then Mono PTI
  7. Zippy!

    (I have the MC Pochette Wallet in black but for regular mono I prefer the Zippy)
  8. I have the P.T.I. also, and found it difficult to use because it folded out. It also didn't have enough card slots. I got the Zippy Wallet(not the Zippy Organizer) and it is beautiful, and very convenient to use. In my opinion, very elegant and organized!! I don't find it too big by any means.

    I bought it in the Mono. and the Suhali, and love both.!

  9. You guys are all so helpful! Looks like I need to take a hard look at the Zippy wallet and organizer and the Pochette. Thanks for the feedback about the PTI, see I would have never thought about it opening up too long as being an issue. That's why I love this place!

    Charleston-Mom, thanks for the great post, it was most helpful. Sounds like you have a lot of LV experience. By the way, I love Charleston, I live in Eastern Tennessee and we come down to IOP about every other year. One of my favorite places!

    Keep the posts coming ladies, the more the better! And thank you so much!
  10. mono pochette wallet..love it!
  11. zippy or the french purse.
  12. pochette wallet (canvas)
  13. Definitely the ZIPPY .... :tup:
  14. No love for the Eugenie - well one vote for the Eugenie!
  15. Zippy looks great in general. Also very practical. I think this may be the wallet for you. I saw a girl at school with one and it looked great!