What Is Your Favorite Mj?

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  1. for me it's a tie between my topaz stam, plum stam and dark exclusive NAP Capra: by the way i have removed tags and used all:

    pics below:


  2. ^^sorry for the huge pics!
  3. Love the huge pics! I can see all the details in your beautiful bags. It's definitely hard to choose which one of those 3 would be my favorite :heart:
  4. Love your bags Aggie! Colors are very refreshing!
  5. Aggie, I adore all your bags, especially the plum stam :drool:

    Can you wear the stam over your shoulders by the handles? I'm curious about the bag but I can only do comfortable shoulder bags. The chain does not look comfortable :nogood:
  6. my taupe stam!
  7. :tup: She's gorgeous. The color is TDF. I want a Venetia.:crybaby:
  8. Aggie, those colors are beautiful. :heart:

    girl_chill - I love your purple Stella.

    I might actually have dreams about all these lovely purples. :drool: :smile:
  9. Bumpity bump!
  10. I think right now my fave is still my Bordeaux Blake, but she's put away for the summer :sad: Ive only used her for like a month on and off until Spring hit...
  11. my favorite mj right now is my vermillion sofia. i love the color!
  12. i think my fav will always be my first bag: my resort '06 quilted blake in white chiffon. :heart: i still enjoy using it and looking at it. :shame: heehee...it's next to the quilted amanda i'm carrying now.

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  13. Thundercloud: I love your two quited bags! They are gorgeous! That Amanda is especially cute!

    My favourite bag is my almond quilted stam:

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  14. Of the MJs that I have, it'd be a toss up between my Emerald (dk green) Blake and Amethyst quilted Venetia. I love both...

    My favorite MJ (that I don't own) is the quilted Blake. And my sister's quilted white Venetia w/teal ostrich trim :smile:
  15. Wow-- that purple stella rocks!! Haven't seen a stella like that before, and the color is awesome. Congrats on the great find!