What Is Your Favorite Mj?

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  1. It's not even my own:


    Python Karen,
    borrowed this from the reference thread: the owner is Hitchkockblonde (she obviously has exquisite taste!)
  2. My Stam in grey....

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  3. [​IMG]

    Indigo Klein :love:
  4. The Stam and Blake in any color.
  5. This is awesome!! Keep it coming, ladies!! I'm :drool: looking at your favorites.
  6. The Sophia is my favorite! I have one in Emerald :smile:
  7. This is really hard. But I'm going to say that my favorite MJ at this very moment is my elastic stam or my bruna. I can't pick one or the other.:s


  8. My purple Stella-- she's so high maintenance! I had to fight (on eBay) to get her, it took several conditioning sessions to get her back into shape (she was so dry from being in a box for a long time!), she gives me a backache from the weight and it takes some careful planning to carry her!!! (check weather, clothes, length of time to carry, etc.). But when I touch and cradle her, she returns the favor by being her wonderfully soft, and pretty self. Plus not to mention the curious stares I get from other MJ bag owners I see on the street :smile:

    And my peacock small MP! Because, it's my best MJ deal yet and like a favorite kid-- never gives me problems or issues!

    Can't choose between the two! :confused1:

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  9. Here are some pics of my lovely Venetia!
  10. I only have one MJ bag- a black Stella. I have not stopped using her ever since she got in my hands about a month or so ago. I love her so much!!

    I've been wondering which bag I should get next, but honestly, I cannot imagine loving another bag so much! I love the fact that it's a very comfortable shoulder bag. Many had warned me that the Stella was heavy (I used to carry Balenciaga which are super, super light). And yet, the weight has never been a problem for me. I don't find her heavy at all and mine even has suede lining.

    It's the perfect size for me. Initially I was using her with the zipper closed until the zipper "popped" out (not sure how to explain that but Stella owners should know what I'm talking about) and now I carry her wide open.

    What else can I say?? It's the perfect, every day black bag for me. Plus, I have yet to see another woman carrying one.

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  11. To all you gals and JudieH
    I just got my first MJ today and it is a Stella- black [indispensable] and with silver hardware [my pref]- and i bid a mint for me.
    Love it. Practically perfect save an ink mark on the interior suede and a few tiny marks underside on the leather. I knew this. I would have done the same.
    It does not feel heavy to me and does not appear as "big" as I thought it would- zipper closure shorter than expected YET it fits a lot-
    I am petite and it works terrifically!
    I can't imagine loving any other bag more. I have tons of cool leather and some fabric black bags- agnes b, coach, un apres midi de chien, cole haan. misc less well known designers [no high end though] but i adore this.
    I am so happy it fits my structure well- As I said- I am petite and duffle bags shorten me- I almost got a perfect Teri but i felt it would do the same. Things hangs "just right". My 6 year old claims it is her fave of all of my purses. Poor thing- she has the stomach bug so it was hard to FULLY revel in my new bag which arrived today along with two princess type dresses for her- but she is healing now as I type.
  12. Yippee!! Congrats! You had been searching for a while, right?

    My bag also has a few ink marks on the inside but the outside was pristine. I cannot imagine ever selling her anyway :nogood:

    Hope your daughter is feeling better. We've also been dealing with the bug in our house. I lost count of how many times my almost 3 threw old puked. Then my almost 5 year old came down with strep (all in the same week). I woke up with a sore throat. But hey, I still love my Stella :P
  13. i love your indigo klein divasdare :smile: is she comfortable to wear on your shoulder like that?
  14. I HAD been searching for awhile. But also- the seller was so cool- she allowed me to pay later and so- though I had won the auction I did not technically own the bag until yesterday.

    Defn with kids and annoyances such as illness- when it rains it all comes down pretty hard. My little one is better today- what a night. Good news as she is with her Papa today and while he loves her to pieces, he is not the best judge when it comes to healing others...[or himself i suppose!]

    BTW- I love your quote- Everything works out for the best in the end! I keep telling myself that when I feel a bit down re- my 1 month anniversary of a very painful divorce. [Which is why I bought my Stella!]

    Yep- I adore her!

    Hope your household is back to optimal health so that you can enjoy the fine spring weather
  15. Love both! So, have you used your Mika, tad??