What Is Your Favorite Mj?

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  1. I'm just curious, what is your favorite MJ and why? Please post pix if possible.
  2. My favorite MJ is my Whiskey Stam:heart:

  3. Favorite one in general or favorite one that we own? This could take awhile..LOL
  4. My Mouse Stam! I love it!
  5. Wow, that's hard.... My favorite MJ would have to be my black stam.
  6. The stam bag! Still waiting for mine to arrive.
  7. I can't decide between the blake & mp's...I can't make a decision..It's just too stressful lol!!
  8. It's a tie between the stam and the large MP. Here's a picture of my stam - I don't have one of you my large MP - but I'll try to post later!

  9. ^So pretty
  10. my favorite mj is my striping bowler.


    my favorite mj to look at is my white mika.

  11. ^^ Love both those! So pretty!!
  12. My favorite is my Wine Stella!!!
    I think I'm going to send her to Lovinmybags to be cleaned...I want to use her for a long, long time!!!

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  13. The anouk - it's big enough to carry the essentials plus it transitions nicely into an evening bag. I also like that it can be hand-held or carried over the shoulder. It's an older bag that came in lots of great colors. :love:
  14. I only have one at this point, so I have to say my cherry blossom Venetia!
  15. Chili Hudson or Karen in Eggshell