What is your favorite MJ design in LV...

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  1. I like the look of the Hudson and Hudson GM the best...very Marc Jacobs and LV all at the same time...the Hudson GM looks so fun but, not that popular on this forum...the Manhattan is kinda bulky IMO whereas the Hudson line is more sleek less bulk etc...still I do love the Manhattan GM it just seems large to me for a hand held and ackward to carry on the shoulder from what I have read...
  2. Manhattan PM!
  3. Manhattan GM!
  4. Hudson PM..and Manhattan PM

  5. Ditto!:graucho:
  6. i like both manhattan pm and manhattan gm. but the GM looks better on me. so, i would have to say that the manhattan gm is my favorite marc jacobs design. :yes:
  7. Another manhattan PM vote here.
  8. Manhattan PM for me too!
  9. wow the hudson is not as loved as the Manhattan...
  10. Manhattan PM :drool:
  11. just MANHATTAN PM!! coz i have one:yahoo:
  12. You already what I'm going to say.....Manhattan PM, baby!!!:yahoo:
  13. Fuchsia baggy pm! :yahoo:
  14. Hudson PM for me.
  15. Manhattan PM for me...It's so lovely!!!!
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