What is YOUR favorite MJ Bag?

  1. :nuts: What is your favorite Mj Bag and why?:yahoo:Out of all the bags you may own, which are you drawn to using most?:upsidedown:
  2. my favorite mj bag is the chestnut hudson. it is my absolute favorite bag, and i couldnt even tell you why. i guess i just like the 3 sections bc it helps organize everything, and its a great shoulder bag. the leather is so soft and i love the chestnut color. i havent used it all summer though; i cant wait to take it out of retirement next month :smile:
  3. i use my black stella for travelling all the time...
    it fits magazines, my ipod, bottled water, etc.

    when i'm not on the road, it would have to be my plum large clutch...
    it's a great size, has many compartments and a wrist strap...
  4. My stam hobo is my absolute favorite !!! It's big but still classy. Also versitile can be worn both casual and dressed up!
    My other favorite(which I don't own) is the stripping bowler...
  5. Maggie, Venetia, Stella. I use Venetia and Stella a lot, but Maggie is my first, and still my favorite MJ bag.
  6. My Sap Green Venetia. It's the perfect size, looks so classy, and I loooooove the color!
  7. My favorite mj bag is the Venetia!Love this bag!
  8. Definitely the Blake in any color...quilted or soft calf! The style is timeless and the three compartments help keep me organized. :p

  9. well my only bag is the MJ stam hobo in cashew, so it'll have to be my stam hobo, when i get my venetia and bowler and capra next month,i'll revisit and tell you my fav.
  10. I would have to say my wine colored Stella...for sentimental reasons. It was my first MJ purchase!
  11. this may sound odd, but i have a favorite mj bag, yet it's not the one i get the most use out of. my favorites would have to be my black venetia and chestnut striping bowler. however, i use my stone stella the most. i don't know. i guess i like how the first two look best, but the stella is the most functional bag because it's the perfect size and it can be carried comfortably on my shoulder.
  12. I feel the same, tadpole.
    My favorite is not a MJ that I get the most use out of. I get the most use out of my stellas... but my favorite is my bordeaux satchel.

  13. well, out of the whopping two MJ bags i have (heehee), i'd have to say that i'll always love the white chiffon quilted blake. that was the bag that first attracted me to MJ. i still love it, but i've been using my quilted amanda right now. :p
  14. you know, i've seen this picture multiple times now within the past few weeks, and i cannot get enough of it. the color is just so pretty. mj should use it as advertisement. it really makes me want to track down this bag and buy it!

    anyways, back to our regularly scheduled program! didn't mean to get off-topic.
  15. It's a toss-up between my bubblegum Stella and my lg. Cherry Blossom MP. I've tried many -- many -- other styles, but I find these two to be the most functional for me.