What is your favorite Marc Jacobs?

  1. Mine's Stella! It was my first love, and it'll always have a special place in my heart. :heart: :p
  2. i really love my venetia. it's such a classic bag, but i am starting to love my hudson just as much.

  3. Ohh okay thanks! I couldn't find it, I searched for Marc Jacobs instead of MJ, haha. :p
  4. I love my Stellas, but my Bordeaux satchel will always always hold the top spot in my heart.
  5. Stella, definitely.
  6. i'd say venetia or blake (even though i don't own a blake...yet). i also :heart: my mini venetia!
  7. Venetia!
  8. So hard to choose! I like the multipocket bags (large and small) because of the exterior pockets. You never have to root around in the bag itself for your keys, phone, lipstick, etc. But, I also love Elise and Blake. Stella was my first bag, so she will always be special. Oh--I guess I don't have a favorite!
  9. Oh the Blake!!! And I have another one on the way!! Woo-hoo!! I'll post pics when I get her..Black w/ brown suede lining and matching zc...I'm such a sucker!!!
  10. You're not a sucker! You have great taste, and I hope you wear your new Blake with a lot of pride! Nothing feels (or looks) better than that soft suede lining.
  11. I love my Venetia and large MP. If I had a Stella, that would be my favorite MJ.
  12. I definitely use my MP the most, but I love my quilted Elise more! She's gorgeous and so versatile!

    Congrats EMMY! Can't wait to see the new Blake!!