What is your favorite mall????

  1. Anywhere in the world??? And why?
  2. i like Phipps Plaza in Atlanta - it's almost exclusively nice stores, unlike the other luxury mall in Atlanta, Lenox Square. it's small and doesn't get nearly as crowded as Lenox, which is HUGE. also, it has Saks (which i much prefer to NM), Jeffrey/Bob Ellis, and Intermix.
  3. Gosh I have so many....

    Tysons Galleria
    Wisconsin Ave (Ok, not a mall, but come on, it's like the Rodeo Drive of MD/DC)
    Towson Town Center
    Christiana Mall

    Those are the only malls I go to. All other malls are wastes of time.
  4. Kop
  5. When I was in the music biz I saw about every major mall in the country. The ones that left an impression on me were the Underground in Atlanta (don't know why, I just liked it there) that mall in Washington DC where Marv Albert got in trouble (I actually got lost in the Pentagon parking lot trying to get there - pre 9/11), the Mall of America was just such a freak show of stores and entertainment - I felt like I was on acid when the Snoopy rollercoaster went over my head, and I guess I gotta say for shopping, I just love South Coast Plaza in my Southern Cali.
  6. Short Hills
  7. south coast plaza in california.
    since i no longer live there . short hills is my favorite for now.
  8. Union Square San Francisco! =)

    I can do all my clothes shopping in one store (hello macy*s!) and then all the designer handbags are within vicinity of macys.
  9. same here!:love:
  10. ^^Another Union Square fan here!! :smile:
  11. Fashion Show Mall - Vegas because I can find everything and more
  12. Valley Fair in San Jose/Santa Clara! :heart: :heart:
  13. Fashion Valley in San Diego!! :smile:
  14. I love South Coast Plaza!! :love::love::love:
  15. I LOVE South Coast Plaza too!! :love: