What is your favorite LV wallet and why?

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  1. I'm in the market for a new wallet in monogram canvas to replace my PTI... Which is your favorite? Why?
  2. I purchased the zippy and love it. It has 8 cc slots, and other areas to store receipts, gift cards and everything is so organized and tidy.
  3. I bought the zippy wallet and the zippy coin purse. The zippy wallet is great because it has a lot of compartments for organization. The zippy coin purse is useful when you just want to take a couple of credit cards, drivers license, some loose change and bills. The zippy coin purse fits nicely in the Eva.
  4. Zippy is my favorite -- I don't like to open a flap to get into my wallet...
  5. Thanks for the replies ladies. LV can't repair my PTI so they offered to replace it and l'll just pay the difference after the initial $550. I love that so many of u love ur zippys, l was looking at the zippy organizer... Still undecided tho!
  6. Love my zippy compact! It can fit everything my larger wallets can but takes up less space. It also has 10 card slots, 11 if you count the extra half pocket (which I use for my debit card). It's the perfect number of slots for me.
  7. I have the zippy organizer and love it, holds a ton
  8. I have the mono zippy organiser. It's quite big but I love it. It has a space for a pen and your documents, passport even.
  9. I like the Sarah.
  10. Sarah
  11. I love my ZCP, I can fit everything in it and it's not heavy and does not take up much space..I have amarante..
    I have been thinking of getting a zippy too. So I am no help.
  12. I have the Emilie and I LVoe her! BUT, I REALLY want the Insolite....so that's on my list of things to get!
  13. I have the mono zippy organizer and LOVE love love it! It is big but it never feels stuffed...b/c there are so many places to put things. Good luck choosing!
  14. Been using my zippy wallet for 3 yrs & is still in good condition. I love it so much, I'm thinking of buying the zippy compact wallet in DE to fit in my Chanel CF M/L
  15. my pomme zippy wallet is my favourite... but in mono it would be great too!