what is your favorite LV boutique?

  1. i've been to a bunch of them but find myself loving the soho boutique in NYC. it's just smaller, less busy, and (i think) gives a nicer ambiance than the one on 57th street but my SA is located at the one on 57th so i always feel like i need to buy from there. but i love the one on greene street!

    anyone been to an LV that you feel like is a MUST VISIT? if so, where??
  2. I like Soho , Westchester mall, and Short hills Mall. The one on 5th was nice but it was to crazy there and the people weren't as friendly.I bought most of my stuff at paramus but the Sa I like the best doesn't seem to work on the days I end up there.
  3. i agree :sad: the 57th street store is crazy but thats where my SA is :sad: i havent bought that much from her so maybe i will visit soho next time i'm in the city and see if i like any of the SAs there. loll.
  4. I'm not from NY or NJ, but I'm staying in NYC for the summer, and I definitely like the feel of the Soho boutique the most. There are more SAs per customer than at the 57th boutique...and, its 3 blocks from my apartment!! haha :yahoo:
  5. I've only been to the boutiques in Houston... so I'd have to say that the main Houston boutique is my fave. I can't wait to visit others!

    I might go visit the LV in Chevy Chase, MD next time I go to DC? :nuts:
  6. LV in waikiki! they always have interesting things there, like super limited editions (les extrodinaires) to special orders.
  7. Out of those I've visited I like the store in Bond street the most. it's a calm store and the Sas are very nice and helpful. It seems relatively well stocked too. I hate LV in departement stores as it's always too crowded and the space is usually not very intimate.
  8. I've only been to one - the one at King of Prussia...and the SA's were super nice there. I was expecting a "Pretty Woman" type response when my mom and I went in (I wasn't really too into designer bags yet), but they were great!
  9. I've been to 57th Street and Short Hills. The 57th Street store is my favorite; considering that all my purchases have come from there.
  10. Of the 3 I've been to I'd have to say LV Houston @ the Galleria. The SA's are very nice and eager to help. I have a particular SA that I make the majority of my purchases through. The first time I shopped with her she explained all of LV's services and walked me through the entire store to show me all the newly available and LE items. She even gave me her card with her work schedule.
  11. I love Ala Moana LV because I have the best SA there and I know a lot of the other SAs there and they are always very nice to my husband and little girl. However, I do have to agree with Caley that the Waikiki Boutique has some cool things and a VIP Room. So far I've seen (and got to play with) the Headphone Bag and they also had a Marilyn with pink snakeskin trim. It was HOT!
  12. i have been to lvs all around the us and the one in ceasars palace is definently the best. it also has everything and stuff you never see anywhere else and i have never been treated rude there.
  13. For selection Rodeo Drive. For helpful SA's Saks in Beverly Hills.
  14. My fav so far has to be LV Landmark in Hong Kong. We don't have a boutique in Calgary (only Holts counter) boo!!
  15. caesars palace in las vegas, and Neiman Marcus and flagship store in san francisco