What is your favorite lipstick / lipgloss?

  1. Mine is MAC lipglass in Dreamy.

    What is everyone else's favorite lip gloss?
  2. Laura Mercier - Ambre Rose Glace
  3. I love ALL of MAC's lip products! The tinted conditioners are awesome, the gloss/lipglass is amazing (and even smells nice), and the lipsticks are great, too!
  4. Clinique's Black Honey glosswear-for the color
    Lancome Juicy Tubes- for the texture & moisture
  5. Bobbi's Favorites by Bobbi Brown
  6. mac lipglass in 'lovechild'
  7. CARGO in chatanooga
  8. Well i dont normally wear lip gloss because im a male :P but ive had on c.e bigelows or something like that, its from bath and body works! I LOVE IT! LOL!
  9. Revlon overtime colorstay, you can drink all night and it doesn't wear off. Or the Estee Lauder hologram colors.
  10. Chanel glossimer in Black Tie
  11. Chantecaille lip gloss in Taffy - this is a fabulous your lips but better color (pinky-brown light on the brown) and it has texture and staying power more like a lipstick.
  12. It changes. Right now I like Bourjois 3D Effect in 10 - a apricot color.
  13. color: chanel spark glossimer. i have four tubes floating around (one for my purse, one for my home makeup, one for work, one for my car) even though they're spendy for lip gloss. LOVE it.

    glossy balm: lip smackers lip balm. i have these -everywhere-...they're so cheap and yummy i can't stop buying them. seriously reaching addiction levels. :smile:
  14. I like Delux Elastic Lip Gloss in Tom(gorgeous burgundy red with a fabulous consistency--not sticky at all, but has lovely staying power. It comes in a little pot).
  15. I like the Dior Lipgloss, soooo many different colors, and it goes on super smooth!!