What is your favorite ligne?

  1. ...other than the classics, what is your all time favorite Chanel ligne? There have been so many great ligne, the square vintage linge, cloudy bundle, nyparis, cambon, modern chain, cabas....
    Mine is the square vintage ligne. I have 3 different colors in 3 different styles.:heart:
  2. My favorite right now is the cabas. I have 2 and love them. I'm also loving the new glazed modern chain, but don't have that one......yet!

    I have no classic bags. Was really not my style, but am waitlisted for the new black metallic reissue. So, we'll see!
  3. ^^gators, I have two cabas bags too and just love them. So practical and lovely to look at.
  4. Wow! I'd say the modern chain. I have a flap, hobo and tote. The ligne is edgy which I love, but it in my opinion is very well made and so durable.

    Like the cabas too.
  5. I'd have to say the luxury line. I have and LOVE the metallic black flap, and wish I had gotten the medium bowler too.
  6. It's a toss up between the Modern Chain and the expandable ligne.
  7. Is reissue a ligne? LOL.. I love the flaps the most out of chanels..
  8. The Expendable and the Cabas!
  9. The vintage ligne and the luxe ligne...... those luxe bowlers just do it for me as does the soft squishy leather of the vintage ligne...hmmmm....:heart:
  10. Luxe Ligne
  11. Luxe and Diamond Stitch.
  12. vintage ligne and paris new york lignes are my FAVORITES !!!
  13. Cabas.
  14. Paris New York ligne for sure, although I didn't manage to keep anything but a wallet from that ligne. I loved the travel pieces and wish I could afford to buy them all.
  15. Luxe Ligne