What is your favorite kitchen gadget/small appliance?

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  1. This past year has been a year of upgrades for us at home. We upgraded our apartment to a nice one, and we've made the interior as nice as possible, phased out all the cheaper furniture for some nice stuff. We don't want to go all out on some things until we're in a place of our own... so that leaves me to focus on THE KITCHEN!!! And buying great quality "tools" and gadgets and useful things to make us feel like we're adults instead of right out of college! We are in that phase where some things are still from college or first things we bought, and now we're focusing on nice, quality pieces to last us a lifetime. We are not planning on having wedding showers, and while I'll register for a few things, I'm totally having so much fun buying my own stuff.

    Our most recent, and favorite purchase thus far, has been a set of Shun knives. We are LOVING them.

    So I'm curious, what is your favorite kitchen thing... a tool/gadget/small appliance? Big or small, fun to use or practical.
  2. Cuisinart 11 cup food processor or the Kitchen Aid stand mixer. We'd be lost without them!
  3. Kitchen Aid stand mixer for sure! I use it so much that it never leaves my counter top.
  4. my vast collection of molds (plastic, silicone, aluminium, non-sticky)
    pressure cooker -- a hands down from my Mom
    Bosch mixer - also a bread maker
  5. Cuisine art mini processor (I'd like to get a bigger one too)
    Braun hand mixer, has a whisk attachment as well as a mixer container thingy, it's GREAT!
  6. Rival Crock Pot LOTS of yummy recipes come out of there!!
    and Rachael Ray Furi kitchen knives set.
  7. My electric can opener!
  8. I have a weakness for kitchen gadgets!

    Like the above posters, I adore my KitchenAid and CuisinArt.

    Plus I love my
    *nutmeg shaver
    *citrus zest shaver
    *Williams Sonoma vegetable (onion) chopper
    *Plastic half-egg that tells me when the other real eggs I am steaming are done but not overcooked.
    *microwave (can't live without one)
    *electric knife sharpener
    *small basket made of heavy wire with rubber/plastic coating. I put small items in it and add to my dishwasher. This saves me from lots of handwashing - which I hate.
  9. I love my bread machine. That's like my one unnecessary thing that I use constantly, but as far as gadgets go IDK...

    I'm not really a gadget person. Sometimes the "easy way" isn't always easier, kwim? :shrugs:
  10. I have so many that I love but my favorite has to be my food saver! I just got it for Christmas and I can't imagine life without it now! I LOVE it! Also love my Wolfgang Puck Panini Maker!
  11. i love using my ice cream machine!!!! Last summmer I was experimenting with flavors and made the most amazing kiwi, peach, and raspberry sorbet....it was so good!!!!
  12. Blender, mixer, and kitchen scissors. With little kids, I have to cut up the steak for them and this makes it so easy. I also use it to cut pizza slices just their size and almost anything. Makes life so much easier than cutting with a knife.
  13. My Lodge cast iron skillet. :yes: I also have the plastic half-egg thing too. I LOVE it because I can make perfect medium-boiled eggs with it now.
  14. It would be my Pressure Cooker, my KitchenAid Mixer...

    uhmm.. what else..:wondering

    oh my old-school steamer and my electric can opener. ;)
  15. I LOVE the blender. You can do so many things with it!