What is YOUR favorite kind of weather?

  1. This rain in my area got me thinking, what is YOUR favorite kind of weather?

    I love sunny and 70 degrees, or raining and at least 85. It is warm enough to comfortably run in the rain!
  2. SoCal on the beach weather. Not too hot or cool.
  3. I love the fall when the leaves are starting to turn, kids go back to school, cool enough for a light sweater, the holidays are around the corner and the sun shining brightly.....fall just puts an extra hop in my step.
  4. Spring for the bloom and sunny days fall for the leaves and colors

    I need to move to California
  5. Extreme thunderstorms, like central Florida has in the Summers.

    Yeah, born in raised in Hawaii and now with a fiance' in SoCal... All I can dream of is clouds. ;)
  6. definitely fall. chilly enough to wear turtlenecks and light jackets, but you don't freeze when you step outside and can still sleep with your windows open.
  7. I love the weather where I live, San Francisco. Never too hot, never too cold. We get our warmest weather in the September-October time frame, when it's about 70-75 degrees and sunny on average. At most other times of the year, it is about 55-65 degrees during the day.

    DH prefers HOT and dry weather (85 -100 degrees). But I despise sweating so that would never work for me! I'm just glad to be out of the extreme Chicago weather of my childhood!
  8. Cold weather.
  9. I agree. I think SF has just about the most perfect weather you could ask for!

    But in Southern California I like the gloomy cloudy days... those are my favorite.
  10. I love it when there's a blanket of snow outside and the snow is still falling and I don't have to go anywhere. I can cuddle up with a blanket and a cup of hot cocoa and watch the fire or read a book. I also love walking in the snow! :smile:
  11. I love the fall weather here!! Cool and windy with a bit of sun peeking through. A fab change from the horrid heat we have during the summer!
  12. Well, I absolutely LOVE the beginning of spring, when everything is starting to warm up again....and everything is growing again...and of course I love summer!!!!

    I also love fall, and all of the Holidays that are during fall, such as Halloween and Thanksgiving..

    After that, I love Christmas...then I want winter to be over.

    Cool thread!:yes:
  13. i like thunder storms when im curled up in bed
  14. Sunny, w/ a nice breeze on a clear day. SoCal beach weather :beach:
  15. I used to like rain a lot..but now that it rains like everyday, I don't.
    I like it when it's cold. Especially Christmas!!