What is your favorite Jo Malone Perfume?

  1. my friends and i all love (and own :p) jo malone's nectarine blossom and honey...i think it's the PERFECT spring/summer scent-light and sweet :tup:
  2. thanks......im still making a survey...so difficult without trying myself.
  3. What kind of scents do you like? Are you more citrus or flowery type of gal? I like the Nectarine blossom and Honey like someone stated. I also have The Wild Fig and Casis that is really nice.
  4. lime blossom
    and the new grapefruit one
  5. For hot weather, I recommend Red Roses, and Nectarine Blossom and Honey. Red Roses is a slightly "dressier" scent, although still very, very light. And NBH is a fun, everyday fruity floral.
  6. I have Orange blossom and bath oil.
    Love them all!!!!
  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE Jo Malone!

    I use Orange Blossom and French Lime Blossom!
  8. Grapefruit is my all time favorite but I love Lime Basil & Mandarin as well.
  9. French Lime Blossom is amazing.... so feminine! :smile:
  10. I love her red roses fragrances its very light and classy and has a cold aspect to the scent like roses coming out of the fridge at the florist. I also have the vintage gardenia, but I dont like it as much as the red roses.
  11. I´ve been wanting to test her fragnances for the longest time but they are not sold here.
  12. I love them all!!! totally worth the price. Even my boyfriend wears one
  13. Yes, still cleaning out my stuff and gave away all my perfumes, ect......
    I just wanted a change and after 20+ years felt it was time to try new things. I always wore Chanel Christalle and Laura Ashley #1 but want to buy some new things.

    I wanted to ask what is your favorite scents of Jo Malone? I ordered the roses body lotion and want to ask my friend to get me the Lime blossom and roses cologne since she can get a discount. These seem to be two scents that go well together. I do not like overpowering scents so these seem more light.
    Any feedback???
  14. I like the nectarine blossom and honey . Also the pomegranate.
  15. I like the red roses from Jo Malone :tup: