What is your favorite Jo Malone Perfume?

  1. Blue Agava & Cacoa is the name. I had to look it up. Its yummy.
  2. I have Nectarine & Honey Blossom but I only just heard about the layering!
    Today, I went and purchased:
    - White Jasmine & Mint Shower/bath gel
    - Lime Basil & Mandarin Oil
    Both are divine for layering with Nectarine & Honey Blossom! I'm so excited about finding out about this!
  3. Vanilla & anise :heart:

    I'm a sucker for vanilla.
  4. How much can you smell the vanilla? I love vanilla perfumes but am unsure what anise would smell like with it.
  5. My absolute favourite I love it!
  6. I feel like after trying this bodycreme I didn't want any other:p. The orangeblossom one is okay and the vanilla anise oil is wooooonderful!
  7. Mine is Grapefruit.
  8. Red Roses is my favorite. It's a classy, feminine scent without being overbearing.
  9. I want to try these!! Is there anything that smells like tuberose?
  10. I just got an email saying there's a new one coming out exclusively online! Its called "Blackberry and Bay".:smile:
  11. Red Roses, English Pear & Freesia, & the LE Iris & Lady Moore.
  12. vanilla anise :biggrin:
  13. Wild Fig & Cassis, Blue Agave & Cocoa
  14. I have a sample, I like it!
  15. Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus already have it in store :smile: I absolutely love it!