What is your favorite iPhone app?

  1. The most favorite apps of iPhone to me is Angry Birds Space. It costs $0.99. Really amazing games that I like most.
  2. Instagram
  3. Any suggestions on a camera app that can give this type of look?
  4. Purse Forum app!!!!! Then the usuals: fb, twitter, instagram and whatsapp ;)
  5. I have snaps seed, it's not free though it's like 3.99, also check out an app call picfx, that one has a lot of different effects to chose
  6. i love instagram and camera 360 ultimate (best photo apps)....for games i like PVZ and lollipop ;)
  7. I use the USA news app all of the time.
  8. Draw Something :tup:
  9. Purse forum, what's app, not606, pandora, house of Fraser, design your home, stupid and Twitter

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  10. I downloaded: WAZE

    It's free!
    It's a great navigation/gps/traffic app. And it makes traveling fun because it's also a game. It has a lot of up to date things like someone will post if theres traffics,a cop, accident, pretty much anything.
  11. Thank you! I heard of snapseed a while back, didn't want to pay that price at the time. I went back to get it, and it has been free for a few days! I lucked out.
  12. Fancy, pretty similar the pinterest, not as cluttered. Still really new so not a lot of users! Free
  13. whatsapp, smurfs, facebook, twitter, angry bird space, instagram
  14. pinterest!! stumbleUpon, some ecards, wedding dash
    those can keep me busy for hours!!
  15. Instagram, Shazam and Pandora.