What is your favorite iPhone app?

  1. I like the themes apps. Being able to customize my iPhone is what I mosted wanted. Easy to use and easy to customize.
  2. ChimpsLite: so much fun!
    Yelp!: comes in very handy
    Mobile News
    Spend: helps me with budgeting and not wasting money
    To Do's
    Zenbe: I love making lists!

  3. i can't find this one- I want to customize mine!!! is it called themes?
  4. I know, I can't find it either...Is it in the app store?
  5. My favorite ones are....
    Koi Pond
    Line Rider (cute and funny)
    Art Gallery
    Acid Solitaire
    Asphalt4 (GREAT app)
    Critter Crunch
    Diner Dash (VERY addicting!)
    Dizzy Bee
  6. Pandora
    Lucky 7 slots
    Moonlight lite (LOOVE IT)
    Solitaire City
    Freecell lite

  7. Hmm, this doesn't exist. Maybe they are using a jail broken iPhone?
  8. All you have to do is put it on your home screen comes out as a little button like all the rest :yes: when you are in safari after you have signed in to the pf just hit the book marks sign (+) and it will ask "Add to Home Screen" that is if you havent already done it ;) and you will see the button on the home screen and it will take you directly to the home page of tpf every time you touch it :tup:
  9. Right now Ambiance is on my list of top faves... also Tris, which you can't get anymore, but I had my phone backed up before they took it off so I still have it.
  10. I've only gotten 3 free apps so far:

    Peg Jump
  11. I've only downloaded free apps so far...haven't felt compelled to download any of the paid ones yet.

    My favorite, by far, is the removeEm game...so fun and addictive! I also like the NYT, Pandora, Shazam, Admit One, and Weather Bug apps. I think when I have a little more free time, I'm going to invest some time and getting more apps.
  12. what's the removeem game?
  13. does anyone knows any good birthday reminder app??
  14. I just use the calendar on the iPhone
  15. any count down apps that in the icon display the number of says left? (sort of like how the calendar icon shows the date even when not opened)