What is your favorite iPhone app?

  1. I like Movies (quick way to look up what's out), Eventful, AOL radio, checkplease and Jirbo games.

    I'm so glad they updated the calculator too!
  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Texas Hold'em App!!!!
  3. I wish they would have put a percent button on the calc though!

    Jirbo games are fun, I like Jirbo says..........it's like the electronic Simon Says from back in the day!
  4. Oooh, I'll have to look for that one!
  5. I played that one free game called aurora feint for like 2 hrs yest and it drained my battery bad! It's a fun game but make sure you are close to an outlet to charge it back up before you head out somewhere!
  6. Morocco is pretty fun too.......it's another free game and like Othello. I think Midomi is better than Shazam though cuz you can sing or hum the song and it'll tell you what it is where on Shazam it only works if you hear it on the radio or something.
  7. There is one. Turn your iPhone on its side and the calculator becomes a scientific calculator with even more buttons. :p
  8. My favorite apps so far are (for iTouch):

    SplashID - a long time user since I had my Palm OS device days & I also have it on my BlackBerry.
    Tetris - such a classic game & still love it!
    Texas Hold'em - I don't play but DH loves it.

    I'm sure I'll find more apps...
  9. yeah I figured that out about an hour after I posted......wow what an idiot I am!! hehe. :nuts:
  10. spacytracy, you crack me up! :p
  11. Well I'm glad you posted your question! I never would have figured that out!!!!
  12. I love monkeyball!
  13. wow! i didn't know that. :shame:
    by the way, i really love pandora!
  14. I just have to say..I am obsessed with crossing off things from my to do list. :p I have my phone with me at all times :heart:
  15. does anyone have any recs for games like bejeweled or similar strategy games?