What is your favorite iPhone app?

  1. So far the only new app I have used is AIM. I like it so far. I have to spend more time in the app store today.
  2. I'm liking both AIM and Myspace so far.
  3. lol, I think I've downloaded everything that's for free by now :p

    I especially like AIM, the game Aurora Feint and I just signed up for SnapMyLife.

    I really want LOOPT but that's not available here in Germany yet :crybaby:
  4. i like the pandora radio :]
  5. ^havem't tried any of the radio apps yet but I sure will do!!! :yes:

    I also absolutely love Shazam :tup: It's amazing how good that works :nuts: The BF and I are sure that there either are trained monkeys or aliens on the other end ID'ing the song :roflmfao:
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    I like Pandora radio also. I know you tube came on the phone but omg the videos look so much better than they did on my mac. I also like Zenbe and remote so I can use it on my apple tv. Twittelator is awesome also. Myspace and facebook app are also nice it cuts out all that extra stuff. Weather bug is also another one I use a lot. Google mobile app comes in handy. Box office is great cause I LOVE movies. Just added AOL radio and am liking it.
  7. Ooohh my friends had Pandora hooked up to their house system and it is AWESOME. Loved the selection of music and that you can do the thumbs up and thumbs down!
  8. I love the Pandora app!

    The one I really love is the Remote - I can control my computer iTunes player with my iPhone!
  9. Anything free!!! I think the Shazam application is really cool! My DH loved it when I showed it to him! I've downloaded about 15 free applications but haven't tried them all yet. The JirboMatch application is cute. And I do like the Pandora and AOL Radio apps.
  10. i just got the monkey ball app. i caved in and spend $9.99 on it. i wanted at least one super cool game on my phone. and oh man.. this game is addicting..
  11. ^LOL..My daughter just got monkey ball too...she is addicted to it.
    I like remote and AIM personally.i think the new stuff is great.My daughter made me get light saber so we can have jousting fights with our iphones..ROFLMAO
  12. My DH wants super mokey ball. My question is if I buy it, can I load it onto both of our phones, or do I have to buy it 2 times if we both want it?
  13. My apps show up in my library even when my phone isn't connected, so I think you can just drag and drop? I don't have two iPhones so I can't try.
  14. I know when I downloaded free apps they went into both phones. i am just not sure about the apps I have to pay for.
  15. u can only get it for one phone..my daughter has it....I cant get it too as we have diff phone id's on the computer and it recognizes that