What is your favorite high end perfume?

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  1. I thought this thread will be great for perfume connoisseurs. I do not like popular brands for perfume. I like different harder to get ones. My current favs::heart:

    Love in Black-Creed-newest one
    Petite Cherie-Annick Goutal-my signature scent
    Miss me -Stella Cadente
    Lipstick Rose-Malle
    Clean -Dlish(not really high end but a nice light clean scent)
  2. Samsara - Guerlain - my signature scent
    Princess - Vera Wang
    My Insolence - Guerlain
  3. My favorite non-mainstream perfume is Peachy Keen from Fresh Scents by Terri. I like that most people have never heard of it, and hardly anyone has ever smelled it before. I get a lot of strangers (men in particular) telling me I smell good when I wear it. It's like a warm, sugared apricot scent, but it's not sickly sweet or immature, if that makes sense.
  4. Chanel's Les Exclusifs collection is amazing -- I LOOOVE Coromandel, it's become my signature go-to scent. Problem is, it's only available at Chanel boutiques and runs over $200 for a full size bottle. :faint:
  5. L'occitane Myrtle... :love:
  6. Petite Cherie-Annick Goutal
  7. Prada Amber will always be my favorite. Aside from that I love Hermes(cant remember the name) and Versace Crystal Noir.
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  8. eau de Cartier
  9. chanel chance and betsey johnson
  10. It's not really all that obscure, but I love Stella by Stella McCartney. It's the most expensive perfume I've ever bought LOL.
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  11. mj daisy and juicy couture :love: oh and rl romance
  12. Creed - Virgin Island Water
    Diptyque - Philosykos
    Hermes - Ambre Narguile
  13. the highest end one i have it viktor & rolf- flowerbomb.

    i've admired creed- spring flowers

    and bond no.9- chinatown, fire island and others i can't remember.

    i wish i could find a good discount site for these...
  14. my absolute fav is lancome's hypnose
  15. l'Heure Bleue - Guerlain
    le Basir du Dragon - Cartier
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