What is your favorite Hermes Bag?

  1. I'd love to know your absolute favorite bag (one that you currently own or have owned) and why. Please include style, leather, hw and size!

    Mine is a Birkin--I know, shocking!!...still deciding which one!:shrugs:
  2. No brainer.

    My new Kelly! Gold Togo 32cm retourne with ph. It is the perfect size, color, style. Everything!
  3. Ooh, very very tough question. I'd have to say my 28 cm Buffalo Dalmation Kelly or my 35cm Bleu Saphir in Fjord. The first because it is unique and such a workhorse for me, and the second, because it was my very first order and the color just sings to me.
  4. Greentea, Your bag is just gorgeous. I can see why it is a favorite!
    orchids, I need to search around and see if I can find a picture where you posted those beauties.
    thanks for sharing!
  5. You know....

    I :heart: my Barenia Picotin right now. ( I love Picotins in general...they're just fun bags). I can't stop touching it, buffing it, rubbing it down.....

    MY BJ Kelly is special too, but this Picotin is a love affair with Barenia
  6. 35 Birkin, black crinolin/barenia, PH. A seasonal and somewhat delicate bag.
  7. Hmmm, all this talk of Barenia makes me feel like I need to add to the collection!:graucho:
  8. My 32 chocolate togo Kelly with GH is my absolute favorite of the bags I own, it's such a beauty, but that might change in a week or two :whistle:
  9. Mine is the Kelly, so wonderfully versatile and chic! I just love them!
  10. Oh, I love, love, love chocolate togo!!!!! But no fair! tell us what is on the way!!
  11. And just perfect on you!:yes:
  12. While it shocks me to say this, my fave is my 25cm gold togo Birkin. It is really the perfect bag for me. I love the size, shape and versatility. But I also agree with QM - I adore the Picotin. It is the perfect casual bag.

    Of course, nothing compares to a Kelly for sheer beauty and elegance. Or the Bolide and Plume for under-the-radar perfection. Gosh, I'm not very good at this, am I? LOL!!
  13. I'm too afraid to jinx it :p but it will be perfect for summer!
  14. i used to love my birkin more than my kellys but i equally love them both now! they both fit my lifestyle and i'm not partial to any particular color!
  15. No, you're not!!:p (Ps I feel the same about my Birkin--perfect size, shape,and so versatile--though mine is a wee bit larger than yours!)