What is your favorite hanging around the house outfit??

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  1. I love any fun, wild crazy Pj bottom with one of my many "life is good" sweatshirts how about you guys?
  2. nick and nora "sunday brunch" pjs
  3. Juicy couture sweats!
  4. polyester gaucho pants from target and my Boston College hoodie (even though i don't go to BC, lol).
  5. Abercrombie sweatpants and a tank top. No shoes! I hate wearing shoes around the house.
  6. juicy sweats and uggs or slippers or haviannas in the summer
  7. i have a few ralph lauren sweats i always wear at home. so comfy!
  8. Yoga pants & old comfy tees...and socks. I hate wearing shoes around the house, too. Of course, this somehow leads to broken toes :sad:
  9. sweatpants and wifebeaters/v-neck tshirts. by sweatpants i mean ranging from juicys to college logo ones. and NO shoes; i'd never wear shoes if i didn't have to (minus the whole loving to buy cute shoes thing).
  10. PJs with funky designs or just plain sweats and a fluffy slipper.
  11. Jeans, sweater, and moccasions
  12. right now, gap sweatpants and my volcom hoodie.
  13. PJ's! I am so glad someone put this up! I used to think that I was weird hanging out in PJ's at home all hours of the day and that normal people got all done up when they're at home.

    I love my PJ's! :biggrin:
  14. lol i actually have my favorite ones on right now (for winter at least) blue flannel pj pants with polar bears and a black tee... and for the summer jogging shorts and a tank
  15. comfy pjs and sweaters. no shoes either