What is your FAVORITE Gucci TOTE?

  1. Hey all!

    I need you Gucci Experts' help! I'm looking for an everyday big tote. I'm expecting :yahoo: and would love to transition it into a diaper bag as well. I don't like the Gucci Diaper Tote that they have right now. So I was looking to get any regular tote. Which one is your favorite?? I really like anything in the brown jaquard/white leather trim combo.

    These are the ones I'm thinking right now:




    what do you guys think of these? Any other suggestions? Do you think any of these will go on sale??

  2. My vote is for:

    'princy' large tote with tab snap closure, double straps, bow, inside zip pocket, and cell phone pocket. 17.7"L x 4.3"W x 11"H.
  3. i like the princy large tote. i actually just got the medium one yesterday and love it. the only reason i didn't get the large one is that it's too big for what i need. if you need it to also work as a diaper bag it is the perfect tote.
  4. I like the princy large tote as a diaper bag.
  5. i like the princy tote too! very cute! the others would be too small for a diaper bag.