What is your favorite gourmet food/kitchen store?

  1. lately I've been on a bit of a kitchen spending spree. Not only have I been going to the regular grocery store to buy basic things like eggs and milk to force myself to cook and eat at home, but I have been shopping for gourmet food stuff as well as kitchen utensils, gadgets, and equipment.

    For the most part I have been loyal to...no one! Because I do a lot of the shopping online, I skip from Crate and Barrel for ice cream bowls to Dean & Deluca for pretty little things like spice tins to Williams-Sonoma for a pepper mill. I even found myself hoarding all those 20% and $5 off coupons to Bed, Bath and Beyond and getting Brita filters there. In other words, I have no favorite.

    However, I know that many people do. At the very least, people have favorites for certain types of things, and might include small local stores. Where are your favorite places to shop?
  2. Well, for food, I'm a farmer's market girl. About 80% of my food is from local fruit/vegetable/meat growers. Same goes for honey, flour, oatmeal, grits, cornmeal, milk, butter, etc. Everything else I buy from Earthfare, with the exception of spices that I need and can't buy locally, which I purchase from The Fresh Market.

    In terms of kitchenware, I've bought a good bit at Tuesday Morning, which carries a lot of discounted Le Creuset, Kitchenaid, etc. Soon I'm going to purchase two full cookware sets from Williams-Sonoma, and there are some items at Sur La Table I'd like also.
  3. Nice.lol
  4. I love Sur La Table, but I'm not exclusive to them. But I think they have some great products, and aren't as spendy as Williams Sonoma, who in my opinion is overpriced.
  5. I am SO excited, because Sur La Table is opening in Fresno soon! I will probably spend hours at a time just looking! :lol:

    I went into the store at the Grove in LA, and just about died!