What is your favorite fragrance family/notes?


What is your favorite fragrance family/notes

  1. Fresh : citrus, green leaves, marines notes

  2. Floral : jasmine, rose, white flowers

  3. Oriental : spices, vanilla, patchouli

  4. Chypre : warm woods, moss, fruity

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  1. and which 3 perfumes would you suggest in that family ?
  2. Pretty much my entire Fragrance wardrobe is Floral (found out by using the Fragrance Finder on Sephora.com).

    My favorites are:

    Marc Jacobs Daisy
    Gucci II
    Vera Wang (original)
    Vera Wang Sheer Veil
    Dolce & Gabbanna Light Blue
  3. Sandalwood, oud, Bulgarian rose, jasmine, not necessarily in that order, I don't know if I could put them in order.

    Oh, and when the weather is very hot, vetiver!
  4. I like Juicy Couture perfume, I only use it lightly.
  5. I'm definitely a florals gal. My top three:

    -Stella McCartney "Stella"
    -Gucci "Envy Me"
    -The Gap "So Pink"
  6. I like soft clean florals.

    Some of my favorites are: CK Eternity Purple Orchid, BBW Magnolia Blossom and Dutchess body spray from Target.

    My least favorite floral is Estee Lauder Pleasures. It gives me an INSTANT migraine. :sad:
  7. Now that it's fall, I'm liking Chypres... woody, mossy and floral notes. Cuir de Russe, Mitsouko and Chant D'Aromes.
  8. how can you make me choose only one?!
  9. Floral for sure!

    My signature perfume is Marc Jacobs Daisy and I LOVE Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb. :yes:
  10. I love Oriental notes! It's hard for me to pick favorites though b/c I don't tend to buy fragrance a lot- it takes me forever to use them.
  11. I like chypre; there's a large range. Just love vetyver and bergamot. I have Cristalle, Miss Dior Cherie ("pink chypre" or gourmand-floral?), Chanel No 19 (green) and Mugler's Angel (oriental-woodsy). I would love to learn more about this range.
  12. these are the ones i currently own and love!
    dior j'adore-floral
    Emporio Armani-Emporio She-oriental
    miss dior cherie-woody
    Burberry Brit-oriental
  13. I'm not sure what category mine is. I think Oriental. I wear just about everything from Thierry Mugler. Mostly Angel, but I also wear Alien, Angel star, angel lily. And I get compliments all the time. Love em!
  14. I love bergamot too! It's my favorite citrusy note. My favorite floral notes are violet and magnolia. I love sweet vanilla and apricot too, so I like a lot of gourmand scents. The biggest thing for me is that a scent has to smell clean; woodsy scents smell like BO on me :sick:
  15. My Favorites are:
    Viva La Juicy
    Marc Jacob Daisy
    Vera Wang Princess
    Coach, &
    Versace Bright Crystal