what is your favorite food and how often do you eat out

  1. I eat out 4 to 5 times a week. seems like a lot more people are eating out now-a-days. at least here in the city. I love japanese food but the only sushi I eat is california roll. I can't eat raw fish. ewww .. I love italian-pesto garlic alfredo yum.. I also like thai and mexican and chinese food.. gotta have chowmein and walnut prawns.. .. what about you guys. what do you like to eat ?
  2. Same here - I also eat out about 5 times a week. I luv eating red sauce pastas, sushi, dim sum, and pub fare!

  3. oh can't forget the dim sum.. bbq pork buns:lol:
  4. We're doing our best to not eat out so often. Trying to keep it down to once a week, with maybe one or two lunches out. I find nowadays that the food I am making at home often tastes better than the stuff we are getting in restaurants. Currently, our favorite meals are shredded chicken tacos, mushroom quesadillas, orange beef, penne ala vodka, and penne with garlic and asparagus. Tonight I made ginger flank steak with wasabi mashed potatoes (a Rachael Ray recipe). Was yummy!
  5. Fun thread! Grilled chicken caesar salad or fresh baby spinach salad; 'try to' eat out about once a week.
  6. I eat out every other day when BF is visiting. Other than that, maybe once every two months? I love food! From Alfredo pasta (YUM!) to steak to french onion soup....there's just too much to mention!
  7. My favorite foods are pizza, sushi, three cheese olgas, fajitas, lobster... I love food but still trying to loose all my pregnancy weight- so I really only splurge on sushi now (about once a week- although last week I ate it about 4 times:shame:smile: Try not to eat out more than 1-2 times a week but when my work carries in sushi, I just have to have it!
  8. I eat out maybe once a week, since I'm just a student trying to get by ! Before I went veg, I absolutely adored salmon sashimi.. I'm not sure what I love best when eating out, I like so many things.. like aloo gobi, pad thai, timtimo (Ethiopian lentil stew).. basically anything that I can't make myself !
  9. My favorite is Gyros... and I MAYBE eat out once a week. Once every two weeks is a little more realistic though.
  10. Thai food or Ruby's w/the bf. CPK w/family
  11. Only about once a week. But my favs are PF Changs coconut curry vegetables, and Montana's four cheese spinach dip. Soooo goood.
  12. Anything Italian. I'm 1/2 Italian and I grew up with really good homemade Italian food. Dh and I only eat out about once a week.
  13. Three cheese olgas??? I have no idea what it is, but it sure sounds good with three cheeses!
  14. sushi first
    indian second
    italian third

    we eat out at least once a week.
  15. ohhh pf changs and gyros.. my fav.