What is your favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry's??

  1. *sigh* I wish B&J was still around here, the only B&J closed down a long time ago. And I haven't seen another one in my area since. I missed their ice cream and cakes. Sure as hell beats Baskin Robbins for sure. This topic makes me sad. :sad:
  2. Chunky Monkey and Karamel Sutra. Yummy! I think I need a trip to the store :yes:
  3. i just bought a little strawberry cheesecake, is it good?? :p
  4. I used to love Cool Britannia. Then they discontinued it.

    My current favorites are Chunky Monkey and ONE Cheesecake Brownie.
  5. Can't you get them in tubs from your local supermarkets? That's where I get mine.
  6. Half-Baked...yum!
  7. Phish food .. or New york chunky funky .. or Baked Alaska. Really .. I like them all
  8. ^I loved that one, too!

    The other one I loved that has been discontinued is Peanut Butter Cookie Dough - which was in CHOCOLATE ice cream. :drool:

    NY Super Fudge Brownie

    The special edition Dave Matthews Band combo: Boysenberry and Vanilla ice cream with those super dreamy brownies. . . YUMM-O-RAMA!

    I visited the factory in Vermont once many moons ago - what fun! :p
  9. Chocolate fudge brownie!

    My supermarket only sells that flavour, cookie dough & one other flavour I haven't tried!
  10. Smores
    strawberry cheesecake
  11. Cookie dough.. mmmmmmm.
  12. peach cobbler
  13. The vanilla is amazing. I'm boring, I know.
  14. I like phish food, half baked, chunky monkey, the dave matthews flavor, cherry garcia.. basically a lot of ice cream hah
  15. I also loved Vermonty Python.