What is your favorite exotic fruit?

  1. First I should define exotic: something you can't find in your local American supermarket.

    Mine is (here goes the long list) haha :smile:
    Durian:it was on fear factor, but i love it and don't see what is not good about it
    Lychee, Longan, Jackfruit, Rambutan, Cat's eyes(?if I remember correctly that's the translation), Mangoes (it's a stretch since it's very common nowadays)...

    Let's hear yours!
  2. Lychee and mango--but not really exoctic since we have these trees in the backyard!
  3. I took exotic to mean tropical, so:

    I like coconut (not the milk, and I don't mean the coconut in recipes, although I do like that). I mean I like the coconut meat as soon as you open up the shell.

    I love guava juice.

    When my dad would cut up a mango, he'd give me the pit (because there would still be bits of fruit stuck to it).

    I love pomegranate juice and sorbet.

    I love pineapple.

    Ooh! And I loved fried plantains.

    (I know these aren't fruits, but they were in wikipedia's list of tropical fruits), I love macadamia nuts and brazil nuts.
  4. guava, juneplum, mango, otaheite apples, guineps, and all tropical fruit.. (not exotic to me since i'm from the islands :biggrin:)
  5. Mangos
  6. I forgot mountain apple, and yes, I also love fresh coconuts and pineapples!
  7. I like red bananas over regular ones, ataulfo mangoes, scuppernongs (though I guess they aren't exactly exotic, they grow in my backyard!), pixie tangerines, starfruit, buddha hand (not for eating, but for zesting, smells SO good!), kumquats, Satsumas, meyer lemons, love all of those.

    I've had dragonfruit, rambutan, pepino melon, papaya, ugly fruit, kiwano, lychee, cactus pear (and cactus leaves), plantains, guava, persimmons, but none have tasted very good to me!
  8. I forgot dragon fruit! I only had it in juice, but it was nice.

    And when I was in Arizona I had prickly pear candy.
  9. Love durian too!!! But in small doses. Also love rambutan and manggis (dark purple shell with white fruit inside). All these are native to my country, Malaysia, so I guess it's not really exotic fruit to me!
  10. Sorry, English word for manggis is mangosteen!
  11. I love pretty much all exoctic fruit but not Durian (sorry I can't get past the smell) and I don't like passion fruit either
  12. would love to try some of things listed here...

    acai seems to be the new craze although I have only had it in sorbet and it is very yummy!
  13. hmm 90% of all the fruits mentioned above lol. maybe because i stay in tropical country and these fruits are normal fruits to us :p.
  14. There are so many fruits I haven't tried and probably never will since I don't live anywhere tropical.

    I love mangoes, lychees, jackfruit, papaya and sugarcane (not a fruit, but it's fun to eat though hard work).

    I have some other fruits in mind but don't know the names.
  15. Anyway, I love Durian, Rambutan, Jackfruit, Lanzones(quite similar to Lychee but so much better IMO), Santol, Sinegwelas, Lumboy, Star Fruit

    This could take a while ladies :biggrin: