What is your favorite every day necklace?

  1. I usually wear my small diamond heart locket from Helen Ficalora. For those interested, it's the same one Katherine Heigl's character wears pretty much throughout the entire film, 27 Dresses.
  2. It's beeeautiful! :heart::tup::tup:
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    Since I make jewelry, I have a LOT of necklaces:graucho:, but this one is my favorite, and the one I wear the most! I used tourmalines for the belly and lemon quartz for the dorsal fin, and added an akoya pearl drop beside it.
  4. ^ Gorgeous seahorse!

    I have the a Tiffany sterling silver lock and a Tiffany Celtic knot -- I wear this one A LOT! I also have a pear-shaped diamond solitaire pendant in white gold and my original e-ring stone -- a round brilliant diamond solitaire pendant, set in yellow gold. The Tiffany Celtic knot gets the most wear by far these days.
  5. A Star of David pendant by Lyric that my DH gave to me for our first Christmas, confusing yes I know.
  6. My diamond solitaire pendant that I got as a honeymoon gift while we were in the Grand Caymans. I really love the setting because it's so unique. I'll also rotate my Tiffany's graduated bead drop pendant as well as my south sea pearl pendant on occassion. But my favorite and go to everyday necklace is for sure my diamond solitaire.
    diamond solitaire necklace.jpg
  7. I like Tiffany diamonds by the yard, personally. Hoping for one!

    Right now, if I want to wear something small and unobtrusive, I wear a yellow sapphire pendant my DH bought me a few years ago, on an 18K Italian white gold chain. Nothing too exciting, but a little bit of sparkle in an interesting color. It has a vaguely diModolo feel, but DH bought it from his mom's favorite jeweler.


    I am more of a large necklace girl, though, even for everyday wear, especially vintage Native American pieces my grandfather collected for my mother and grandmother. And when I say large, I mean BIG. (The Zuni pendant is several inches across!)

  8. When in New Orleans last Spring with my husband, I bought myself a gift at Saks... a Roberto Coin diamond peace sign necklace in white gold and diamonds. I put it on that day and have (almost) NEVER taken it off! I guess it's my "Signature Piece.":p


  9. ^^^I love that peace sign necklace. I collect crosses and have the cross from his collection. Right now, I have been wearing a different white gold and diamond cross. It's a little bigger than my Roberto Coin piece and just seems to be the one that I wear every day.
  10. Tiffany small Open Heart necklace or Heart tag
  11. I have a lot of Tiffany sterling necklaces that I wear on a daily basis. I love Elsa Peretti necklaces from Tiffany's. I would love someday to buy a diamond solitaire necklace!!
  12. I love my 0.5 carat solitaire necklace. Wear it almost every day.
  13. My DH and DD's gave me this for mothers day this year and I haven't taken it off.
  14. my diamond tennis necklace! Love how it dresses up my sweats lol! :smile:
  15. I rotate between several elsa peretti necklaces. I love my eternal circle pendant!