What is your favorite every day necklace?

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  1. I need and want a simple every day necklace. I am not into large costume things because I like to keep it casual and low key.
    Any suggestions for a nice, good quality every day one? I like some of Tiffany's but not sure which ones...need some ideas.
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  2. I have a few that I rotate out periodically.
    I have the Tiffany 1837 lock in 18k, the mini bean in 18k and the petite Dreams of Africa in diamonds from Whiteflash.
    I'm dreaming of a Tiffany DBY solitaire too!
  3. i wear the maurio pioppo love letter necklace

  4. correction - Mauri Pioppo
  5. I wear Tiffany & Co diamonds by the yard necklace
  6. My diamond pendant. Very simple.
  7. Most days I wear a small gold pendant, it's in the shape of a horse. My grandfather bought a pair of them to make into cufflinks but never did, so he made them into pendants for my cousin and I... he died when I was 4 months old so the necklace has a lot of sentimental value to me. I would also really like a Diamonds by the Yard necklace, one of the 16" ones with evenly space diamonds. That would layer nicely with my horse pendant, too.
  8. I rotate a yellow gold 3 stone diamond necklace (.50 ct) and a small white gold diamond star. Sometimes a wear a diamond by the yard (18 inch) or a thick gold curb link necklace. I also love pearls of any length.
  9. Rebecca Stainless Steel 18K gold diamond

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  10. ^Interesting, it has my name...I may need to check that brand out. :graucho:

    I switched off more before, but now I wear my Heidi Klum SS necklace pretty much daily. I can't find an exact link anymore but here's one that's similar (mine only has one clover at each station) on ebay from seller Dazycats:
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  12. nowadays, i don't wear necklaces anymore. I used to wear a Tiffany silver one.

  13. I haven't been wearing necklaces either the past few years. I wear one when I dress up - usually a Tiffany Swing necklace, the one with the 2 concentric circles design.
  14. I wear the Tiffany onyx bead necklace every day - it goes with everything and I love the weight and feel of it!