What is your favorite EPI speedy color?

  1. The only speedy I own is a mono 25 right now. I'm thinking of looking into buying an epi speedy 25 but not quite sure of the color. What you lovely ladies think? What is your favorite epi color for a speedy? :graucho:

    I like red but I think red speedy screams too loud for me (although I have a Balenciaga rouge vif City :p). Really admiring the black speedy but maybe too black for me (since I also have a black epi alma)?

    Does it look like you're carrying a black luggage when you rock your epi speedy?

    Speedy speedy speedy... So many speedies but so little time... :nuts::nuts::nuts:
  2. lilac for me...
  3. myrtillle is nice.....
  4. i love the new red! i think it's yummy!

    also love myrtille and moka.
  5. I saw a lilac on eBay awhile ago and was like :nuts: but it's too hard to match my wardrobe. :sad:
  6. im soo in love with black epi - i think it's so classic. then again, if you already have black epi alma, you probably want another color, huh? hmm...my second choice would be red. that red is so hot, but i don't think it's *too* loud...i love it!
  7. The original Tassili yellow...
  8. I'm debating between black and red. I'm going into the store tomorrow to check it out. I like red but prefer the old red (since it's darker) as I think the new red is too light for me. :p
  9. I would say red and black for your speedy, but since you have a Bbag in red and a black Alma, I would choose myrtille :yes:
  10. Is myrtille discontinued or still available?
  11. Mocha is hot
  12. myrtille is discontinued. i think the only way to find it in a speedy is eBay or online. i was told i got the last one in the world but who knows?

    i LOVE lilac too. never saw it irl though.

    i have to say i have a bit of a lilac fetish. don't underestimate a lilac bag- it REALLY goes with everything and is a fabulous spring and summer color!
  13. Lilac aye? :graucho:
  15. Moka!!!