What is your favorite epi color??

  1. hi everyone!

    I don't own anything items in epi yet but I would soon love to. After seeing all the beautiful epis in the clubhouse and Irene's (lv-addicts) TDF noe's (bad bad irene!!..jk)...I have caught the epi/noe bug...I am also considering an epi speedy...:yes:

    so I was just wondering since there are so many beautiful colors to choose from...what is your favorite epi color??:flowers: I am leaning towards, black(noir), red (rouge) or blue (myrtille)....the orange(mandarine is gorgeous although I don't think it would suit my wardrobe very well) I have no idea what color I want! :Push:

    btw, are there any disadvantages to the epi line or any color in particular??

    thank you ladies and gents for your input!!:P
  2. I love the red, mandarin and mocha...sorry I couldn't just name one particular color!
  3. 1.) Red
    2.) Blue
    3.) Lilac (discontinued)
    4.) depending on the piece, Myrtle or Mandarin
  4. Mmmm Myrtille :yes: The only thing I don't like about Epi is the wrinkles.:Push: Other than that it's easy to care and durable.
  5. Lilac, pepper and vanilla. I think they were all around at the same time - I really wish I was actually into (and could afford !!) Vuitton at that time !!!
  6. Mandarin!
    But if you have reservations about that color matching anything, the Myrtille would be gorgeous!
  7. Mocha and Black
  8. I LOVE mandarin and toledo blue in epi!:love: I am also looking to add a noe in fawn!!!:graucho:
  9. nice!!! I believe I saw a couple of them on ebay in fawn!!! go irene!!! btw, what is the difference btwn myrtille and toledo blue?
  10. hi ayla! can you tell me what kind of color is pepper?? is that a grayish color?
  11. what the causes the epi line to wrinkle? is it inevitable or is due to bending or folding of the leather?? thanks everyone!!!
  12. My two favorite colors are discontinued, Kenyan Fawn and red Epi with dark edges, I have one bag of each.
  13. I have no idea. I have yet to see a myrtille in person (only in photos).
  14. I love the red and mandarin. I saw speedys in these colors while on vacation this weekend. I have never seen any epis in real life prior to that.