What is your favorite Epi bag?

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  1. I love EPi speedy 25 in red [rouge]. What's your favorite Epi bag? Also anyone know how these bags are in the rain?
  2. the only epi i've ever owned was a yellow soufflot which i had for about 3-4 months.

    my fave though would be a myrtle speedy 25.
  3. I was looking at the last blue soufflot at the Lv store I was at but it rolled on to the floor. It was so pretty though.
  4. the epis are amazing in all weather conditions. nothing phases them really. my fave would be my toledo blue epi speedy or my ivorie bowling montaige gm. both are gorgeous!
  5. i don't own an epi yet, however I think the jasmine in any color and toledo blue speedy is my fav.
  6. Right now my favorite is the ivoire montaigne clutch and jasmin. They are on my wish list!:nuts:
  7. I saw a woman with a black Epi Alma (brass hardware) last week while I was out on my lunch hour...it was stunning. I noticed the bag and then I realized it was an Alma.
  8. I think many of the bags in epi are stunning. The Noe looks really good, and the new ones with the big closure are totally stunning. I really can't make up my mind. Maybe if the dragonne cluth came with a big closure it would be teh win.
  9. Black Epi Speedy 30. Someday soon she'll be mine.
  10. Epi Alma!!
  11. ^ I love your Alma Traci, I think it's my fave Epi piece!
  12. Epi is wonderful in the rain. I love all my epi bags. I have the soufflot, jasmine, dhanura, and a pochette.
  13. Black Epi Pochette.
  14. Jasmin :flowers: ~ still regret that I did not get one in Mandarin. Sac Plat is lovely too.

    No worries in rain ~ just went out for shopping with my Pochette Accessories in drizzles.

    Only concern that I have is, I heard that over the time the corners and edges of light colour Epi pieces will start showing black/dark base colour. My Mandarin Pochette is three years old and I use it pretty much every day during the summer. I see a bit of dark colour on the top corners but can't tell if it's getting worse or not.:wondering
  15. Epi speedy and Petit Noe.