what is your favorite discontinued RM bag?

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  1. So I have recently come across the RM Tess and fell in love. I was just wondering what other discontinued bags is everyone else in love with?
  2. I love the deep purple bags, and the older royal leather.
  3. i'd love to own a stonewash blue bag :yes:
  4. ^^
    Omg I totally forgot about stonewash blue. Yes, I loved the stonewash blue leather as well!!
  5. I may be in the minority, but I really like the Plan B hobos. The leather is great and they hold a lot without being too bulky. Plus those outer pockets are a plus!
  6. There is a Plan B bag on Tobi.com for about $300.
  7. Colors wise: Stonewash Blue, Sage, Navy, Pearl
    Style: Elisha!! Seriously regret not snatching a couple of these up at the first sample sale I ever went to (well, not to mention I didn't have much money either lol). I really wish she'd bring this back

    and I have to mention I really really miss the long finished tassels! I haven't been interested in most of the newer style bags lately because of that =/
  8. I wish I had a something in glazed almond (especially a mattie) or glazed espresso.
  9. Tomato...but I heard that it's coming back. I sold both of my tomato bags because they were too big, but would LOVE for it to come back in a beloved/mini beloved with brass or gold HW. :drool:
  10. Glazed Almond for sure... I need a Nikki in this leather!
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    I'm with several of the ladies here: GE, glazed almond, stonewash blue (all Nikkis)! And even though it's not "discontinued" considering it wasn't put into production, I'd love to see distressed sunshine make a reappearance.
  12. There is a Stonewash Blue Nikki on Bonanzle right now, ladies... I know several of you have mentioned this leather. Looks to be in great shape and is from another lovely Minkette (not my auction).
  13. I have really liked the:


    Wish they were still around but I understand having to make room for more popular styles.
  14. Stonewash Blue MAM
    Deep Purple MAM
  15. Glazed Almond and Emerald. Though I hear Envy may be very comparable to Emerald.