What is your favorite DE bag?

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  1. I own no DE and thought since Fall is coming, now would be the perfect time to branch out. What is your favorite DE bag? Currently I have a Delightful PM and Speedy 30, both in mono, along with Adele wallet, pochette and checkbook cover all in mono.

    Currently thinking the Duomo Hobo, Totally MM or possibly Speedy B 30. Or maybe just say "screw it" and get one of these in the Mono: Artsy, Melie (although the corner rub issues scare me), Turenne or Totally.

    What are your favs?
  2. I love my neverful mm in de.... So worryfree and carries a ton, also really comfy:smile: but maybe just get something small like a pouchette or cles to get a feel for it? It's definitely a stiffer canvas than the mono:smile:
  3. Yes, maybe something small. I'll admit when I see bags I always gravitate towards the mono
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  4. I'm not truly a DE person either but I love my one & only DE, my Brompton. Honestly, it's a tiny bit heavy on its own but I still love it. I switch bags a lot but when I got this in late winter (?, maybe), I used it for about a month straight b/4 switching to another bag. I'm glad I purchased it. Let us know what you pick.
  5. Love my DE Neverfull GM. It's really nice to have a DE bag to use in inclement weather like rain (and snow for me since I'm in Michigan).
  6. I love my Diane bag in damier ebene and nomade leather. Unfortunately it was discontinued.
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  7. Love my Marylebone PM which is now discontinued and my Favorite PM
  8. It's a toss up between my Neverfull MM DE and my Siena PM - I like them both equally ! Great bags.
  9. I second the Neverfull mm and Siena mm. I originally had two Neverfull mm's one in mono and one in de. I ended up selling both to fund my Siena mm (both of my neverfulls were purchased pre-loved and were in meh condition). I definitely love the Siena best but I would absolutely consider getting another de Neverfull down the road.
  10. I love the Diane bag as well. Love the versatility of it being a shoulder or crossbody bag. Also love the bucket like shape. It is such an amazing under the radar bag that never got the love it deserved. Hate that it was discontinued.
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  11. I really love my Totally! So much so that my Totally in mono was recently set free in the quest of a new loving home. I'm currently eyeing the Kensington bowling bag and regret not getting the Mews. My Westminster has been really steadfast and try as I might, I can't get rid of her. She fits all my things and can be used casually or dressed up.
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  12. Speedy, Totally and Eva are my DE favorites :love:
  13. Westminster GM and totally MM are my favorites although the Reggia is a great open top bag...I like it a lot more than the neverfull....Although I like the Trevi for dressier occasions so I think it's hard to pick a favorite!
  14. I'm a big fan of DE. I like how low maintenance and how easy I can match any outfit with this pattern. I love all my DE bags, but for now, my favorite is the Totally MM. I started switching from my DE Speedy B 35 a couple of months ago. If LV would make a another comfy crossbody DE bag, I might buy one. So far, nothing caught my attention.
  15. My duomo hobo is my favorite DE bag.
    She is so light en i can't belief how soft the leather is.
  16. image.jpeg On behalf of the gentlemen... My favorite DE bag is the classic Louis Vuitton Damier Ébène Broadway bag! I love mine!

    You could SO it in monogram but to me, the Damier version is far superior! :heart:
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