what is your favorite cosmetic/makeup bag?

  1. I'm just wondering what you guys use or like.:smile:
  2. Right now I am using my black mc wapity to hold all my lip glosses and compact. I would have to say it is my fav right now.
  3. mono pochette. it fits perfectly in my speedy.
  4. I have been living out of my Coach signature makeup bag for what seems like forever. I really want to pick up a mono pouchette or wapity or something LV to go with my bags but other purchases always seem to get in the way. lol
  5. you NEED a pochette, it has been my most used and most useful LV item and i only got it at christmas

  6. hehe thanks cherry pie! I nearly fainted when I saw the Riveting Pouchette at LV this past weekend. SO HOT!
  7. i'm using my mono poch access. I'd like to get a cosmetique toillete 19 though.
  8. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. a cheap one i bought at a dollar stoerre
  10. I use a Coach signature stripe medium beauty case in khaki/crimson. It is great and fits everything I need, but I really love it because of the crimson stripe (reminds me that I love the Alabama Crimson Tide; GO BAMA).
  11. Taiga pochette
  12. a vintage mono pochette
  13. Damier mini pochette. Doubles as a small clutch bag.
  14. Ohhhh I LIKE! :drool:
  15. I use Le Sport Sac.