What is Your Favorite Color?

  1. I have been pondering this question for a few days now. I think blue is my favorite sometimes. Other days I think it's pale pink. Then, I love black. And for shirts and tops I adore white.
  2. white. nothing makes me look more tan
  3. Red, black, gray and teal.
  4. pink and seafoam green (like the balenciaga bag :heart: )
    for tops, definately white&pink
  5. white, red, blue and grey sometimes
  6. 100% Red. L.o.v.e. it. I was obsessed with the color as a child... lol
  7. black and white
  8. I love black.
  9. :heart:purple
  10. red and white!
  11. Pink!

    Although in clothes, my fav color is black
  12. turquoise and light green!
  13. Periwinkle, that blue gently kissed by lavender.

    And lavender pink, that sits on the other side of lavender, and of course, lavender itself.

    I love them all with gold - metallic gold that is, which if it counts as a color, is another favorite one.

    I am also fond of pale blue, not quite ice, but lighter than wedgwood, and I love bright sky blue, and that beautiful blingish blue that sits between royal and sapphire.

    Oh, and red - big blazing true red, with just the subtlest tint of blue, that red that only brunettes should even think about wearing.

    And proof that I am not immune to trends, over the past couple of years, I have learned to love brown, and have been liberated from a lifelong tyranny of myth that people with black hair and beige skin should not wear brown, so that today I am able to throw back my head and declare "Oh yes we SHOULD!"

    Between that lavender pink and that Xtreme Cage Match blue-red lives brilliant fuschia, a color I love for its ability to make my skin look great even if I have flu and haven't slept.

    Oh, and speaking of that, and scampering back over to the browns, there is a certain toasty golden brown that especially when shimmered with gold, perfroms some kind of complection miracle on me, turning that slightly soiled grey poupon cast to a warm and radiant golden glow!

    And there are days when I revel in being able to wear lime green, and especially chartreuse, another surprise, as neither I nor anyone else would ever imagine that I could.

    Oh wait. The question was about favorite color. Singular. Just one. Sorry. File not Found.
  14. Black.
  15. RED RED RED....always RED... even though I wear a lot of black it is RED. I just love that color.