What is your favorite color for the Chanel Caviar Flap bag?

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  1. Hi,

    I am on the fence about which color Chanel Caviar bag I should choose for my first purchase. I would like to know what are some of your favorite colors. Personally, I am deciding between black or beige. Please give me your thoughts

  2. I would agree with you on the black... Its easy to match with and very classic :smile:
  3. can't go wrong with black or beige.
  4. I think black, beige and red are the favorites for most. Navy is loved by many too.
  5. I would say black too. I suppose it depends on your wardrobe, but black goes with everything and it is so classic and chic. You can always start with that and get different colors later :smile:
  6. lots of girls here like black, beige, red, and grey. ( i agree some also love blue or navy).
    but for 1st flap, most pick black jumbo..
  7. Can't go wrong with black with ghw. It's such a classic.
  8. I agree with HelloKatieGirl. Black is my favorite color for bag. Since most of my outfits are colorful, the black bag gives a balance. However, if your clothing is mostly in dark color, a beige will brighten-up the overall look. Anyhow, black and beige are both Chanel's classic colors. Either one will be a great choice
  9. You can never go wrong with black.
  10. ^ITA. Black!
  11. Thank you all for comments! :smile: I will definitely have to sleep on this one...:thinking:
  12. Red, Purple, Black
  13. Personally, ALL OF THEM :smile: LOL

    Realistically, beige and black.
  14. for the first, black!
  15. Black, red, white, and grey. But I don't have anything grey yet, so what do you ladies think I should do about it? :graucho::upsidedown: