What is your favorite Coach lining?

  1. Actually, I do have a preference and it’s the lining with the Coach c’s that I think is classic. I love the legacy lining but the plain lining is not for me. I can take it or leave it.

    What do you like?
  2. Legacy Stripe of course!

    The chocolate brown C lining is lovely too.
  3. Legacy!!
  4. Legacy......It is so classy.:supacool:
  5. Legacy stripe :nuts:
  6. Legacy... hands down.
  7. Legacy. I also love fun coloured linings.
  8. Legacy.

    Can someone post pictures of different lineings?

    I've only seen solid colored ones and legacy.
  9. legacy...i LOVE the stripes. my boss was loving my new satchel today at work and she loves legacy lining too
  10. Legacy 100% without a doubt!!! Love the legacy stripes!!
  11. Legacy!! Sadly I don't have any bags with this lining yet but it's just SO gorgeous!
  12. Another vote for LEGACY! :tup:
  13. legacy stripe :heart::heart::drool::drool:
  14. Legacy!!!! I don't own any yet but I want some....like soon. The summer storms are coming and I ordered a legacy stripe umbrella and can't wait to take it out in the rain LOL.
  15. Don't own any...but Legacy Stripe is TDF!