What is your favorite clutch?

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  1. I'm so enamored with clutches lately (even though I have so few occasions to use them).

    I love old-fashioned silk clutches; I love large envelope clutches; I love quirky and interesting clutches, and I wonder . . . what, specifically, are your favorite clutches (in your collection, or just out there on the market), and would you like to share pics?

    I'm hoping to find some inspiration. I'm leaning heavily toward getting a Balenciaga envelope clutch (just so cool and versatile), but I also suspect that there's a jewel in the rough out there that I just haven't seen. I'd love to see your clutch style. :smile:
  2. My favourite clutch is the Hermes Lady Clutch (now only by SO I think, though I saw some specially made pieces at New Bond Street store re-opening). I'm lucky enough to have one in black Box leather, it's elegant without being too small, easy in the hand and eye-catching without any glitz.

    The other is (or should I say was) Delvaux's Hannelore. It's large enough for day as well as evening, has card pockets inside like a WOC, a mirror and a wristlet strap. Very well though out. Again mine is black leather but textured.

    I also like my Gucci lizard Hysteria and Romy mirror leather clutches too, very chic and very glam
  3. I'm with PT. My fave clutch is my black box Hermes clutch. It's actually my favorite H bag.

    Otherwise, I like to use fun, large pouches as clutches in a pinch. It's a two for one!

  4. From my bag collection, I love my Ferragamo Vara wallet on chain, technically a wallet, its chain can be removed and the size is just right. It's perfect for all clutch occasions.

    If I were to pick one from my wish to buy list, it's the Givenchy Antigona clutch. It's just so chic and functional with compartments inside.
  5. I have several favorites:
    for everyday, a Mulberry from the 00's, oak leather, flower detailing embossed on the 2 small front flaps.
    For keeping my stuff organized, Longchamp Le Pliage & Néo
    For party, a pewter Guess for when I wear black or a shiny black Okay's for more formal situations or when I have a colorful dress.
    Also I am trying to get more use out of a vintage grey suede clutch (to go with my fall outfits & grey suede booties) and a fuchsia one which would go great with everything pink. Or white. And I'm having real issues with it having the GHW it does. More of a silver person, esp.in the summertime!

    I think I might just sell all but the Mully and buy something designer. Several brands have gorgeous clutches but nothing that SPEAKS to me has yet to come up.
  6. I like seton's idea! Because some of those pouch designs are really fun. :biggrin:

    In a hurry, just grab continental wallet from bag as impromptu clutch.

    But, generally use mulberry bayswater clutch wallet.
    Because has chain--so I cannot forget it on tables & things.
    Stays tethered to me. Little clutch leash.;)
    Option to remove chain. But would spell d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r for me.
  7. Y ligne Saint Laurent Clutch

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  8. Sorry, this reads strangely. I meant it's no longer available from Delvaux, I still have the bag
  9. Kelly cut
  10. That actually is one of my favorite clutches. I am a clutch fan also, and my Balenciaga Classic Envelope Clutch in the color Mangue is one of my favorites. Other favorites include my Mini Fendi By The Way bag in the color Dove. This bag can be used as crossbody, shoulder, or clutch. I often carry it as a clutch. I particularly like bags like this that are versatile and can transform from a crossbody/shoulder bag to just a clutch bag by removing the strap. For nights out on the town, I often use a Fendi Monster Stampa Pouch as a very small clutch. It fits my Iphone 6, lipgloss, and LV Key Cles (holding ID, debit card, credit card, car key, and apt key).

    I also like the Rebecca Minkoff Leo Clutch for a less expensive, slightly edgy and more structured clutch. My Rebecca Minkoff 5-Zip bag I also occasionally carry as a clutch by removing the strap. I have a mini Valentino rockstud bag in red (forget the actual name of the particular rockstud bag that I have) that I sometimes carry as a small clutch. The strap is not removable but is easily hidden inside the bag and takes up almost no room inside the bag when hidden away. I also have a small Kate Spade Naomi bag in the color bone that I sometimes carry as a clutch by hiding the strap inside the bag. Those are all the ones I can think of at the moment.
  11. Hermes jige is my favorite and the new LV Pochette Voyage (from the men's collection - same size as the LV toiletry pouch 26) as a casual day clutch.
  12. Here is my new clutch, a Céline solo pouch... and it's definitely my favourite.

  13. Definitely a fun clutch for me! This is Kate Spade. I don't attend formal events often and I find clutches pretty hard to carry in general so it has either got to be really pretty or fun to motivate me to make the effort.