What is your favorite Chanel or Dior beauty product for $30 or less?

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  1. What is your favorite Chanel or Dior beauty product for $30 or less? I'm up for anything as long as it's a good must-have product. I just like those little free perfume samples that come with my order and I want an excuse to order something :smile:
  2. I just bought my first Chanel item today - a nail polish. The shade I chose is April - and it's gorgeous. I paid $27 with tax.
  3. I have yet to experiment with Chanel beauty products other than the mascara and nail polish, but I love both! I think the mascara is $30 exactly (not including tax and shipping) and the nail polish is around $26 :smile:
  4. Definately nail polishes; from both brands.

    $31CDN but the Addict lipsticks (Singuliere, Beige Casual, Diorrisime, Tokyo) & Addict Extreme (Cherie Bow).

    Ultra Reflect glosses in Organza Pink & Sari Pink.
  5. if you have money to burn, chanel's bi phase eye makeup remover. best i've tried.

    now i use l'oreal's bi phase eye makeup remover. it does the job at a much better price point.
  6. For Chanel, I'm not sure there's much you can get for under $30 besides the nail polishes at this point :sad:

    But the nail polishes are lovely! If you have any colors scheme in mind (reds, nudes, etc) would be happy to give a rec for a specific color!
  7. I am leaning towards nail polish I think :smile:

    I'm a fan of colors that could in theory appear somewhere on my body...pink or tan skin colors, eye or hair color (which in my case is brown), bone, fresh or dried blood...with or without sparkles....gosh that sounds gory haha. I just like body colors because they would look harmonious with everything I wear and I don't have to worry about nails clashing with the rest of me.

    Not a fan of blue, green, yellow, orange, hot pink, or gray (don't throw anything at me!)

    Already own: Chanel Tendresse, Chanel Frisson, Chanel base coat, Dior Safari Beige, and Dior top coat.

    Thank you for suggestions!!! :smile:
  8. Dior polish - one of my favourite mainstream brands for polishes along with Le Metier and YSL.
  9. If you're looking for a blood red, Chanel Pirate is gorgeous. On me, it has just enough brown on me to not look too garish; though it's more of a true red with one coat :smile:
  10. Just picked up a Chanel mascara today (Inimitable Intense in Black) and it's exactly $30 - without taxes... Does it qualify??? ;)
  11. Sure :smile: I don't technically have a hard limit I just don't want to get too crazy with what is basically an "I don't really need this I just want the perfume sample" kind of purchase :smile:
  12. Ooh...that sounds lovely! :smile: Off to google and find some pics :smile:
  13. Have you tried the long lasting lip stains? Those are really pretty and can make you look like you had a little make over.
  14. dior addict gloss in sari pink.
  15. I just bought this also, great mascara